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Health resort Ozerny

VETLIVA – Санаторий Санаторий Озерный Гродненский санаторий Озерный: оздоровление по низким ценам в Беларуси (Белоруссии) 363.00
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Health resort Ozerny

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Address: 231753, Grodno district, Ozery, Grodno region, Belarus Category Second
Check-in 08:30
Check-out 20:30
Year of foundation 2003
Distance to Minsk 252 km
Nearest town Grodno (38 km)

The health resort “Ozerny”: health improve in the Grodno District

Health and spa resort "Ozerny" is the abode for lovers of comfort in 26 km fr om Grodno. You will hardly find another place where so harmoniously combined taste and style wh ere, in any weather is warm and comfortable. Book tours to the health resort "Ozerny" is an ideal opportunity to combine rest and improvement.

The resort capacity is 394 people. There are 7 bedroom buildings, the medical center, fitness and health centers and the restaurant, but they don’t have passageways.

The Grodno resort “Ozerny” offers reasonably-priced vacation

The health resort “Ozerny” performs a wide range of services: treatment, diagnostic assessment, child recreation. Children are accepted from 2 years, treatment of them – from 5. The Grodno resort “Ozerny” deals with the disorders of:

  • blood circulation system
  • breathing system
  • musculoskeletal system
  • conjunctive tissue system.

Health improvement, treatment and tourism in the Grodno District

During rest and health improvement in the resort "Ozerny" you will have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful cities of Belarus — Grodno, located only in 26 km from the health resort. This city is not in vain called the "City of royal palaces and temples": on its territory is located several castles — Old and New, many old chapels and churches — Kolozhskaya, the Church of St. Francis Xavier (Farny) and other attractions.

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Book rooms in the health resort "Ozerny"!

Two dining rooms designed for 394 seats.

Number of meals: 4 times a day.

  • Breakfast: 09:00 – 10:00
  • Lunch: 13:00 – 14:00
  • Afternoon tea: 16:00 – 16:30
  • Dinner: 18:30 – 19:30

Meal plan — diet menus (Diet E, Diet B), vegetarian menu, children's menu.

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Additional information

For checking in the resort you need to bring the following documents:

  • passport
  • voucher
  • the medical record or n extract from the patient card (it is important for purpose of the correct course of treatment). 

If you come with children, you need to have:

  • birth certificate
  • certificate of vaccination

The treatment is prescribed individually for each client, based on the indications and contraindications for the timely and necessary treatment, in proportion to the number of days of stay. The presence of sanatorium-resort card is mandatory!

Check-out time: 08:30 check-in, check-out until 20:30

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Resort fee

Upon arrival the resort fee is paid separately.

The rate of the resort fee is set at 3% of the cost of the voucher.

Exempt from payment of the resort fee:

  • individuals under the age of 18;
  • veterans of the Great Patriotic War, including disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
  • veterans of military operations in the territory of other states, including disabled combat operations in the territory of other states;
  • former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, prisons, ghettos and former underage prisoners of other places of forced detention created by fascists and their allies during the Second World War;
  • invalids of the first and second groups;
  • Persons accompanying disabled persons of the first group, children with disabilities under the age of 18;
  • citizens who fell ill and suffered radiation sickness caused by the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe, as well as people with disabilities in relation to whom the causal relationship of the disability with the Chernobyl disaster was established, the participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident of 1986 - 1987, the citizens living in the priority zones and subsequent resettlement.

Getting there

By Car

Geographical coordinates — 53°44.945' N, 24°13.092' E.

By public transport

There are daily trains from Minsk to Grodno, as well as every 30-60 minutes from the "Central" bus station a route taxi or a regular bus.
From Grodno to the Ozerny sanatorium - daily service bus at 6.00 from the railway station (from the stop “Magazin - Euroopt”).
Route taxi "Grodno-Ozerny" from the bus station.

You can use transfer services



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Reviews (3)

Быковский Владимир ИвановичБыковский Владимир ИвановичРоссия , Москва, 14.05.2019
  • очень хорошо,и лечение
  • не было электронной записи как в яРужанском

Спасибо за все

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Лидия КовальЛидия КовальЭстония , Таллинн, 03.03.2019
  • есть
  • нет

Были в 2018 году все супер - персонал отношение.
Особенно хочется выразить благодарность массажисту Ольге Александровне

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Валентин ШнаперВалентин ШнаперЭСТОНИЯ , ТАЛЛИНН, 28.02.2019
  • +++++++++++
  • 0

УЖЕ  в течение нескольких лет я переодически посещаю санаторий Озёрный под Гродно  и лучшего лечения и обслуживания я не видел .
Персонал подобран грамотно и квалифицированно . Экскурсии по Гродно  и Аугустовскому каналу . ОТДЫХАЮ ДУШОЙ И ТЕЛОМ .
Спасибо  Вам  дорогие Беларусы
Обьязательно приеду ещё и не один раз .
С Уважением
Валентин Шнапер

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