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Health resort Energetik agro-town Volpa

Health resort Energetik agro-town Volpa

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Address: Volpovsky s / s 21, 231908, Volkovysk district, village Kovali, Grodno region, Belarus Category First
Check-in 8.30
Check-out 20.00
Year of foundation 1996
Distance to Minsk 260 km
Nearest town Grodno (60 km)

Tickets to the health resort "Energetik" in Grodno region

"Energetik" is one of the leading resorts in the Republic of Belarus, located in a pine forest near the large Volpian reservoir, in an ecologically clean area of the Grodno region, 60 km from Grodno. The all-year round recreation in the resort and smart organization of treatment and leisure make it possible to spend time nice and profitably. 

The capacity of the resort is 300 people, which are accommodated in 8 bedroom buildings (without passageways to the medical and sports and recreation buildings) and in 5 cozy cottages. Only medical, physical culture and health building and mud baths are connected by covered passageways between themselves.

Here all conditions for year-round treatment and rest are created, and a wonderful sports and entertainment base helps to spend time not only useful but also interesting. Children can check-in from any age.

The Grodno resort “Energetik”: infrastructure and the therapeutic corpus

In the medical building of the resort installed the modern medical equipment, which helps to improve the health of patients with diseases:

  • cardiovascular system
  • central nervous system
  • musculoskeletal system
  • supporting-motor system
  • gynaecological

Thoughtful medical staff helps with post-discharge adjustment and health improvement in general.

What to do while vacationing in the Belarusian resort “Energetik”

Just 50 kilometers from the health resort "Energetik" is located "the city of royal palaces and temples" — Grodno. This is an excellent opportunity to combine health tourism with cognitive and see the famous sights of Grodno:

And even in a small village Volp, which is located a few kilometers from the resort "Energetik", You can enjoy the majestic church of St. John the Baptist.

Helath and spa resort "Energetik" — the optimal ratio of quality rest and price!

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The health resort organizes 4 meals a day in one shift, and for patients with diabetes and those who need frequent and fractional meals, an extra breakfast is offered at 11:00.

Particular attention is paid to the nutrition unit's employees to expand the range of daily meals, for which a 14-day customized menu for diets B, D and P has been developed. The menu uses specialties.

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Resort fee

Upon arrival the resort fee is paid separately.

The rate of the resort fee is set at 3% of the cost of the tour.

Individuals are exempted from paying a resort fee:

  • under the age of 18;
  • disabled first and second group;
  • disabled persons and participants of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them;
  • accompanying invalids of the first group and disabled children under the age of 18 in sanatorium-and-spa or health-improving organizations;
  • pensioners by age;
  • students and students of daytime educational institutions.

Cancellation policy

14 days prior to arrival (no penalty)

Getting there

By Car
Geographic coordinates - 53°23'03.8"N 24°24'00.1"E
By public transport

Travel by train to the station. Mosty  and then:

  • by shuttle bus Mosty - Grodno to the sanatorium "Energetik". Departure from the railway station at 05.56 (Friday-Monday);
  • by service bus to the Energetik sanatorium  (the sanatorium bus departs from the railway station in Mosty from Mon. to Fri. at 8.00; on Saturday, Sunday and holidays it does not run).
You can use transfer services


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