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VETLIVA – Санаторий Санаторий Боровое Витебский санаторий Боровое в Белоруссии: эффективное лечение органов дыхания, комфортное проживание и недорогой отдых 218.12
Мой отдых подходит к концу, сегодня вечером буду выезжать. Хочу сказать огромное спасибо менеджеру Дмитрию, благодаря Вам, и правильно подобранному под мои запросы санаторию, мой отдых был невероятным. Отличный санаторий, доброжелательный персонал, новое оборудование, питание, бассейн, это санаторий который имеет только плюсы. Это лучший отдых который со мной был за последние лет пять. Обязательно вернусь сюда ещё, и сейчас я нисколько не буду сомневаться в том что отдых в РБ есть и он на высоком уровне. Спасибо Вам, буду обязательно обращаться. Дмитрий ты лучший в своём деле, ты профессионал. Спасибо. Буду всем рекоменовать.
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Health resort Borovoe
Vitebsk region

Category: The highest

Address: 211730, Dokshitsy district, Bydachi, Vitebsk region, Vitebsk region, Belarus

Check-in: 12:00

Check-out: 10:00

Year of foundation: 1973

Year renovated: 2012-2019

Distance to Minsk: 100 km

Nearest town: Dokshitsy (31.8 km)

The Vitebsk health resort “Borovoe”

Borovoe is a health resort of the Vitebsk region, which is located in one of the most picturesque places in Belarus — the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. It is located in the midst of a pine forest, on the shores of a picturesque lake. That is why you can feel better here just walking around the territory of the health resort.

The rooms of the Borovoe resort are designed for 207 beds. There are three buildings to accommodate vacationers. For your convenience, the 1st building is connected by a covered walkway with a medical one.

Health improvement in the Borovoe resort 

Treatment in the Borovoe health resort is carried out according to the following medical profiles:

  • Diseases of the endocrine system, metabolism, skin, and subcutaneous tissue;

  • Respiratory diseases (including rehabilitation after COVID-19);

  • Diseases of the genitourinary system;

  • Diseases of the digestive system, central nervous system, etc.

The visiting card of the health resort is its source of mineral water. A modern medical base and qualified doctors of the Borovoe resort will make your rest and recovery here as comfortable and effective as possible. And the presence of special comprehensive programs will help get rid of stress, improve skin condition, raise immunity, lose weight and achieve other equally impressive results.

How to get to the health resort "Borovoe"

It's easy to get to the health abode: it is located only 25 km from the village of Domzheritsy. Add coordinates to the navigator of your car, go here by public transport or book a convenient transfer from VETLIVA. You will get a unique opportunity not only to improve your health but also to visit one of the most beautiful national parks in Belarus — the Berezinsky reserve.

  • Sanatorium vouchers can be booked for a period of 8 days.
  • Health tours can be booked for a period of 1 day.

Medical profiles

Endocrine system diseases
Blood circulation diseases
Digestive apparatus disease
Respiratory apparatus diseases
Metabolism diseases
Nervous system diseases
Urogenital system diseases
Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Musculoskeletal system diseases
Male genitals diseases

Entertainment, recreation and sports

Swimming pool
SPA- center
Hair salon ()
Sauna ()
Billiards ()
Workout room
Football field
Tennis court
Sports equipment rental

For guests with disabilities

Rooms for disabled guests
Wheelchair ramp
Pool lift


Non-smoking rooms
Family rooms
The front desk is scheduled
Concierge service
Designated smoking area
Laundry ()
Air conditioning
Gift shop
Shop ()
Pharmacy ()


Transfer service ()
Parking ()
Street parking


Bar ()
Summer cafe ()
Room service

Business center



Pets are not allowed ()

For children

Children's playground
Children's TV networks



Getting there

By Car

Geographic coordinates — 54°86.882'  N, 27°88.537' E

By public transport

From Minsk  from the bus station"Central" daily (every 30-90 minutes) regular buses or taxis depart to the bus station "Begoml";

From Vitebsk by bus or fixed-route taxi (8 times a day from 05:15 to 18:30) in the direction of Minsk to the city of p. Begoml;;

From the bus station "Begoml"  vacationers are met by a service bus at the request of vacationers.

You can use transfer services

2 guests

Children's age

5 years
Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
  • Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
  • Price for Russian citizens
  • Price for other countries

Additional information

For checking in the resort you need to bring the following documents:

  • passport
  • voucher
  • the medical record or n extract from the patient card (it is important for purpose of the correct course of treatment).

If you come with children, you need to have:

  • birth certificate
  • certificate of vaccination

Tourists will have to pay a resort fee - up to 5% of the tour price.

Check-out time: 12:00 check-in, check-out until 10:00 (breakfast is available)

New Year

The cost of the tour to "Borovoe" health resort includes a New Year's entertainment program from 25.12.2020 to 07.01.2021!
The program includes:
  • film and video sessions;
  • karaoke contests and talent contests;
  • dance evenings and discos;
  • concert programs;
  • music contests;
  • board games club;
  • billiards tournament;
  • family art therapy;
  • street festivities.
On New Year's Eve, a banquet with a cultural and entertainment program will take place in "Borovoe":
  • professional host;
  • DJ;
  • light accompaniment;
  • musical show program;
  • Santa Claus;
  • contests, gifts, surprises.
The cost of the New Year's banquet is 130 rubles for an adult and 60 rubles for a child.

Medical services


Inhalation therapy


Laboratory and diagnostic tests


Ozone therapy

Light therapy






Services for children

The children are received from 0 years.
The treatment is provided from 3 years.

When you move into a room for an extra seat in excess of its planned capacity discount (from the current prices for permits):

  • for children up to one year - 90% of the weekend tour (accommodation)
  • for children from 1 to 3 years - 75% of the health stay (accommodation + meals) or a weekend tour (accommodation)
  • for children from 3 to 14 years - 50% of the sanatorium (accommodation + food + treatment) or health (accommodation + meals) vouchers
  • for children from 14 to 18 years - 25% of the sanatorium (accommodation + food + treatment) or health (accommodation + meals) vouchers


The dining room of the resort is located in the building №1. Two dining rooms for 220 people.

  • Breakfast: 8:30 – 09:30
  • Lunch: 13:30 – 14:00
  • Snack: 16:30 – 17:00
  • Dinner: 19:00 – 20:00

Buffet system or a order menu (from the 3rd day, the first two days of the standard menu).

Resort fee

Upon arrival the resort fee is paid separately.

The rate of the resort fee is set at 5% of the cost of the tour.

From the payment of the resort fee are exempt:

  • citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster;
  • disabled from childhood;
  • minor children;
  • disabled people;
  • persons accompanying disabled persons of the 1st group, children with disabilities under the age of 18;
  • employees of educational institutions accompanying children's groups;
  • the pensioners of the Republic of Belarus are exempted from the payment of the resort fee by 50%.

Cancellation policy


Medical License

5 - great
4 - good
3 - normal
2 - bad
1 - terrible
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Демосюк Татьяна
Отдыхала здесь впервые.Территория большая и ухоженная.Вокруг сосны, озеро, чистый воздух.Номер был небольшой, но всего хватало, главное- чистота.Медсёстры врачи,горничные- все вежливые и внимательные.Очень понравился бассей- большой и теплый.Работали всё пушки и водопады.По еде вроде замечаний нет, можно было конечно меню немного разнообразить.И да!- включить в стоимость путёвки больше процедур.С досугом тоже всё норма.Буду рекомендовать друзьям и знакомым обязательно.
Волков Сергей
Буду советовать друзьям
Бойняжева Елена Николаевна
Спасибо за предоставленную возможность подлечиться и отдохнуть в замечательном санатории Боровое.