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Health resort Belaya Rus

Health resort Belaya Rus

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Address: st. Lesnaya, 4, 222395, Naroch, Minsk region, Belarus Category First
Check-in 12:00
Check-out 10:00
Year of foundation 1988
Distance to Minsk 141 km
Nearest town Myadel (15 km)
Belaya Rus health resort is located in the territory of the Naroch resort in the Myadel district of the Minsk region within the "Narochansky" national park.

The health resort is located in a pine forest at a distance of 300 meters from the picturesque lake Naroch, the largest in the Republic. Pine, spruce, birch, aspen, oak, etc. grow on the territory of the health resort.

The resort has a well-equipped beach on the shore of the lake. Drinking water is supplied and showers are equipped.

On the territory of the health resort "Belaya Rus" there are two sources of mineral water.

Also on the territory of the health resort there are 6 buildings:
  • 2 sleeping
  • medical
  • sports
  • administrative
  • pool
  • + 6 guest houses
All buildings (except guest houses) are connected by passages.
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Medical License

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Type of meals:

Ordered menu (from the 2nd day)
"Buffet" meals (buffet only for single one-room superior rooms)

Additional menus:
  • vegetarian menu
  • fasting menu
  • lenten menu
In the dining room - microwave oven, coffee machine

Meal schedule:
  • Breakfast: 09:00 - 09:30
  • Lunch: 14:00 - 14:45
  • Afternoon snack: 17:00 - 17:30
  • Dinner: 19:00 - 19:30
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Sports and recreation

Leisure organization:
  • Evenings of folk songs 
  • Karaoke
  • Discos
  • Cultural and mass events
  • Concerts of professional groups 
  • Concerts of amateur bands 
  • Watching movies 
  • Sports competitions among holidaymakers 
  • Dance and entertainment programs 
  • Excursions
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Additional information

When you check in, you need to have:
  • Health-resort card or an expanded extract from the outpatient card with diagnoses, examinations and doctors' opinions with referral to spa treatment.
  • Examinations (ECG, complete blood count, general urine test, blood sugar) are performed on a fee basis.
  • Passport.
  • Pensioner's ID.
  • Documents on payment of permits.
  At guests' disposal are additionally available: a beauty parlor and 2 household rooms with washing machines.
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Resort fee

Compensation payments are paid on arrival at the health resort:
  • For citizens of the Republic of Belarus in the amount of 1/24 of the base amount for each day of spa treatment;
  • for foreign citizens in foreign currency in the amount equivalent to 1 USD for each day of stay in the health resort organization.
The following are exempted from payments:
  • minors and persons receiving general secondary, vocational, specialized secondary, higher or postgraduate education in full-time education;
  • persons who are recipients of an old-age pension (residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus);

Getting there

By Car
  • from Minsk - along the highways P28 and P58. The first goes through the towns of Molodechno and Vileika, the second - through the Vileika reservoir;
  • from Polotsk - P45;
    • from Moscow - E30 (M) - Smolensk - Orsha - Borisov - Vileyskoye Reservoir. - Myadel;
    • From St. Petersburg - E95 (M20), M8 (P20), P45 - Pskov - Opochka - Polotsk. P27 (Braslav - Postavy - Myadel), the village of Chernyaty (about 140 km); to the left along the P27 highway (Braslav - Postavy - Myadel) (about 15 km).
    • Vitebsk - Myadel:
    • along the M3 highway (Minsk - Vitebsk) to Begoml (about 160 km); to the right, along the P3 highway (Logoisk - Zembin - Glubokoe - the border of Latvia (Urbany)) to the town of Dokshitsy (about 30 km); in Dokshitsy on the street. Lenin, then to the left on the street. Sovetskaya, then to the left following the sign to the P86 highway (Bogushevsk (from the M8 / E95 motorway) - Senno - Lepel - Myadel); along the P86 highway (Bogushevsk (from the M8 / E95 motorway) - Senno - Lepel - Myadel) to the town of Myadel (about 60 km); Myadel town - sanatorium "Belaya Rus": along the highway P28 (Minsk - Molodechno - Naroch) about 15 km, then to the right following the signs to the sanatorium "Belaya Rus".
    GPS coordinates: 54.911359136493, 26.729226203643

By public transport
  • By bus, train, plane to Minsk. 
  • Further: at a distance of 300 meters from the railway station "Minsk-Passenger" is the bus station "Central", from where by bus or minibuses you need to follow to the stop point "Sanatorium" Belaya Rus ". 
  • Estimated departure time: 7.30, 8.00 (daily), 9.20 (except Sun), 10.10 (daily), 10.40 (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun), 12.00, 13.00 (daily), 13.30 (Fri, Sat), 14.10, 14.50 , 16.00 (daily), 17.00 (Fri), 17.30, 18.20, 19.10 (daily), 19.50 (Fri, Sun).  
  • Distance from Minsk to the stopping point "Sanatorium" Belaya Rus "- 160 km.
  • There is a direct connection with the cities of Grodno and Vitebsk. 
  • Sanatorium "Belaya Rus" is located 100 meters from the bus stop.
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