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Health resort Belarus, the Sochi city

Address: Str. Polytechnicheskaya , 62, 354008 Central district, Sochi, Russia

Check-in: 14:00

Check-out: 12:00

Year of foundation: 1956

Year renovated: 2006

Distance to Minsk: 2200 km

Health and spa resort Belarus in the center of Sochi

Rest in the Belarus health resort in Sochi is an ideal option for those who miss the sea, but at the same time want the quality of services to remain at the traditionally high level, like in the blue-eyed. The Belarus resort is one of the favorite vacation spots in Russia. That is why both Russians and Belarusians prefer to buy a ticket to the Belarus health resort in Sochi.

One of the main advantages is where the Belarus health resort is located. It is located right on the sea coast, 150 meters from the Black Sea. The territory is an evergreen arboretum, and therefore you can relax here all year round, enjoying the fresh breeze from the sea and the air saturated with phytoncides. The health resort itself is located almost in the center of Sochi, which means that its attractions are within easy reach.

Benefits of rest in the Belarus health resort in Sochi

408 vacationers can have a rest in the health resort at the same time. There are two buildings for accommodation — Main and Primorsky, as well as cottages with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Residential buildings are not connected to the medical one with the help of covered passages, however, due to the mild southern climate, this is not necessary.

The Belarus health resort has an excellent cultural program. They pay equal attention to leisure and patient care. Health improvement in the Belarus resort in Sochi is carried out according to the profiles of diseases of the circulatory system, skin, respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, and central nervous system. And these are not the only advantages of the health resort. There are:

  • own sources of the mineral, as well as healing hydrogen sulfide, waters Matsesta;

  • a large number of leisure options, which includes indoor and outdoor pools with a jacuzzi, a gym, conference rooms, and dance floors;

  • beach with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Tours with treatment can be booked from 11 days!

How to get from Minsk to the Belarus health resort

If you are looking for how to combine relaxation by the sea and health improvement, then it's time to go to Sochi. It will not be difficult to get to it: the airport is located 35 km from the health resort, and the railway station is 5 km away. In addition, you can go on the road in your car or use the most convenient and comfortable option and book a transfer to VETLIVA.

Medical profiles

Blood circulation diseases
Respiratory apparatus diseases
Nervous system diseases
Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Musculoskeletal system diseases

Getting there

By Car

Car: Geographic coordinates — 43°37'03.6"N  39°42'32.5"E

By public transport


  • Sochi airport (Adler).
    You can get from the airport to the Sochi railway station (28 km) by electric train "Lastochka" or by shuttle bus No. 105, from the railway station to the sanatorium (7 km) by shuttle buses No. 4, No. 7  to the stop "Sanatorium Belarus" ... You can order a transfer from the airport  to the sanatorium.


  • Train # 302 (Minsk-Adler) runs on odd numbers.
  • From the railway station "Sochi" to the sanatorium by shuttle buses №4, №7.
  • You can order a transfer from the station to the sanatorium.

You can use transfer services

2 guests

Children's age

5 years
Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
  • Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
  • Price for Russian citizens
  • Price for other countries

Additional information

Required documents

For settlement you need to bring the following documents:

  • passport
  • the permit or the agreement of the sending party
  • sanatorium card or extract from the patient card (this is important for prescribing the right treatment)

If you come with children, you will need to have:

  • birth certificate of the child
  • information about epidokruzhenii and immunized


The treatment is prescribed individually for each client based on the indications and contraindications, in proportion to the number of days of stay. The presence of sanatorium-resort card is mandatory!

Medical services


Inhalation therapy


Laboratory and diagnostic tests


Light therapy






Services for children

Children are accepted in the health resort accompanied by an adult in any age. Treatment provided to children aged from 5 years.

Children in the resort:

  • Children under 5 years are accommodated on extra bed 50% discount.
  • Children from 5 to 15 years are accommodated on extra place with the treatment and nutrition 30% discount.
  • Children aged 15 years and older with extra bed with treatment and nutrition have a 20% discount.

 Little guests of the resort are offered:

• children's room with animator (mon-sat from 8.00 to 13.00);

• outdoor Playground ( outside of the seaside buildings)


Two dining rooms located on the 2nd floor of a building Cultural-business centre.
The capacity of 460 seats.

Number of meals: 3 times 

Menu type- buffet
Meal shifts: two shifts

1 shift:

     Breakfast: 08:00-09:00
     Lunch: 13:00–14:00
     Dinner: 18:00–19:00

2nd shift:

     Breakfast: 09:00-10:00
     Lunch: 14:00–15:00
     Dinner: 19:00–20:00

Resort fee

Upon arrival an additional fee of 50 rubles is paid. per day per person

Medical License

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