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Sanatorium Alesya


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Address: 225794, Brest region, Ivanovo district, Zavyshie, str. Zavyshanskaya, 3, Brest region, Belarus
Check-in 08.00
Check-out 20.00
Year of foundation 1978
Distance to Minsk 323 km
Nearest town Ivanovo (25 km)

Sanatorium Alesya: your best holiday in the Brest Region

Sanatorium "Alesya" is located in one of the warmest places in Belarus, 25 km from the city of Ivanovo, Brest region, on the shore of the picturesque Zavyshanskoe Lake. Here the health of guests is improved by nature itself, therefore the following procedures are provided in the health resort “Alesya”:

  • heliotherapy,
  • aerotherapy,
  • dasotherapy( a type of treatment based on curative power of forests),
  • bathing in Lake Zavyshanskoe.
The health resort "Alesya" holds 264 places. Vacationers are accommodated in five 3-storey bedroom buildings, joined by covered passages, with medical building and restaurant.

Treatment procedures and infrastructure of the health resort "Alesya"

The sanatorium "Alesya" help patients for thirty years with following diseases of:

  • circulatory system,
  • musculoskeletal system and connective tissue,
  • respiratory system,
  • CNS.

Along with climatotherapy, the sanatorium provides:

  • mud treatment (using sapropelic therapeutic muds of Lake Dikogo, Grodno region),
  • halotherapy,
  • inhalations,
  • carbon dioxide baths.

The developed infrastructure offer rest for whole family: there is a children's room and a playground, a pool and a cinema hall for adults.

Sights of Ivanovo in walking distance from the health resort "Alesya"

Elegant Intercession Church, the majestic Holy Cross Church - these are just a few of the sights that are only 25 km from the sanatorium "Alesya". Attending excursion here, you will see the temples of this city, as well as the monument of the famous Belarusian artist - Napoleon Orda.

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The sanatorium Alesya consists of five 3-levels buildings, expected 264 places. All buildings between themsdves and medical building are connected by warm transitions. The rooms of the sanatorium consists of rooms of different price categories,designed to accommodate 1,2,3 and 4 people. All rooms have a bathroom.


Food at the sanatorium organized five times a day.

  • Breakfast 8.30 - 9.10
  • Lunch 13.30 - 14.30
  • Snack 17.00 - 17.30
  • Dinner 19.00 - 19.40
The second dinner (kefir) 21.00 - 21.30
Type of food: the dietary menu, the individual menu, the children menu.
Type of menu: order menu (3 days). The menu is dominated by of Belarusian national dishes.

Additional Information

Individual transfer to any train passing (througn the station of Ivatsevichi).

Resort fee

Resort fee is paid in the amount of 5% of the cost of the tour. From the payment of the resort fee are exempt (upon presentation of the relevant documents):

  • veterans, invalids and participants of the Great Patriotic War
  • invalids 1 and 2 groups, disabled from childhood
  • minors under the age of 16, students of secondary, vocational and higher education institutions of daytime education. 


225794, Brest region, Ivanovo district, Zavyshie, str. Zavyshanskaya, 3

Getting there

By public transport:

  • From Moscow: by trains of international communication in the direction of Brest to the st. Ivatsevichi or st. Yanov-Polessky
  • From St. Petersburg: on trains of international communication in the direction of Brest to the station Ivatsevichi
  • From Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Grodno, Gomel: by trains of regional communication in the direction of Brest to the station Yanov-Polessky
  • From Brest: on commuter trains in the direction of Pinsk, Luninets to the station. Yanov-Polessky
By car:
  • From Minsk to Ivanovo: along the M1 to Ivatsevichi (about 210 km); on the left, on the highway P6 (Ivatsevichi-Pinsk-Stolin), passing the town of Logishin (about 65 km), to the village Novoselye (about 20 km); for Novoselie village about 2 km to the right; on the highway M10 (the border of Russia (Selishche)-Gomel-Kobrin) to the city of Ivanovo (about 40 km)
  • From Brest to Ivanovo: along the M1 highway to Kobrin, then go right to the M10 (Russian-Selishche-Gomel-Kobrin) road to Ivanovo (about 80 km)
  • From the city of Ivanovo to the sanatorium of Alesya: in the city of Ivanovo: exit from the highway M10 to the left on the street. The Soviet, further to the left on the street. Lenin before departure on the road P144 (Ivanovo-Ukrainian border (Mohro)); on the highway P144 crossing the river. Pina (Dnieper-Bug Canal) to the village of Vulka (about 15 km); in the village to the left according to the sign "sanatorium Alesya", bypassing the village of Khomichovo to the sanatorium Alesya (about 8 km)
Coordinates for GPS: 52°00.133 'N, 25°41.121' E

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