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Health resort Letsy
Vitebsk region

Category: First

Address: 211230, Vitebsk District, the village of Maliye Lettsy, Vitebsk region, Vitebsk region, Belarus

Check-in: 08:00

Check-out: 06:00

Year of foundation: 1936

Year renovated: 2015

Distance to Minsk: 260 km

Nearest town: Vitebsk (20 km)

The "Letsy" health resort in the Vitebsk region

One of the unique places for a good holiday in Belarus is the “Letsy” health resort. It is located in the Vitebsk region, in the village of Malye Letsy. There is beautiful Lake Shevino not far fr om the resort, and the Zapadnaya Dvina River is 3 km away.

For the first time, tourists were able to enjoy the comfort of the health resort in 1956. Since that time, the resting-place has been repeatedly updated, and the last reconstruction was in 2015. Today, the modern complex is represented by five sleeping buildings without covered passages between them. Up to 511 tourists can relax at the Letsy health resort at nice prices at the same time. Children, accompanied by adults and older than 3 years old, are accepted for rest and recreation. A playground with slides, swings, etc. is equipped for them. Free Wi-Fi is available in the public areas of each building.

Healing in the resting-place "Letsi"

Rest in the “Letsy” health resort in Belarus is an opportunity not only to have a great time, but also to improve your health significantly. The “Letsy” is assigned the first category, so vacationers can count on quality service and good health improvement. The resort provides 4 meals a day on the basis of a custom-made menu with elements of a buffet.

Medical profiles of the resort are aimed at the treatment of:

  • respiratory organs;
  • circulatory system;
  • digestive organs.

In addition, the resting-place offers relaxing sessions in the SPA complex, various types of massages, hydrotherapy, etc.

The "Letzy" health resort: tourism in the Vitebsk region

“Letsy” is the resort in Belarus, which is located 20 km from the romantic city of Vitebsk. It is the birthplace of Marc Chagall and preserves the treasures of the talents of many famous cultural figures. You can enjoy this magnificence on city sightseeing tours, wh ere tourists will be introduced to the amazing atmosphere and sights of Vitebsk.

Vouchers with treatment can be booked from 6 days.

Medical profiles

Blood circulation diseases
Digestive apparatus disease
Respiratory apparatus diseases
Nervous system diseases




Shop ()
Pharmacy ()
Ironing room

Entertainment, recreation and sports

Ping-pong ()
Sports equipment rental ()
Cinema hall


Pets are not allowed



Getting there

By Car

  • Minsk- Vitebsk (about 280 km):  on the highway M3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Vitebsk (about 280 km)
  • Vitebsk-sanatorium "Letsy" (about 13 km):  on the highway P20 (Vitebsk-Polotsk-border of Latvia (Grigorovshchina)) before turn to the left according to the index on the item Shevino (about 11 km); to the left according to the index on the village of Shevino passing the village of Shevino, to the right according to the index to the sanatorium "Letsy" to the sanatorium "Letsy" (about 2 km).
  • Polotsk-sanatorium "Letsy" (about 85 km):  on the highway P20 (Vitebsk-Polotsk-border of Latvia (Grigorovshchina)) before turn to the right according to the index on the item Shevino (about 82 km); to the right according to the index on the village of Shevino passing the village of Shevino, to the right according to the index to the sanatorium "Letsy" to the sanatorium "Letsy" (about 3 km).
  • Coordinates for GPS: 55.19909999,  29.92542482

    By public transport

    • by train, bus to Vitebsk;
    • from Minsk to Vitebsk by train Minsk-Murmansk, Minsk-Vitebsk, Minsk-St. Petersburg;
    • from Vitebsk to the sanatorium "Letsy" daily  suburban diesel trains  (6 times a day) "Vitebsk-Polotsk" to the station "Malyye Letsy", as well as the bus  "Vitebsk-Staroe selo" to the stop "Malyye Letsy";
    • from Moscow by train № 39 Moscow - Polotsk (from the "Belarusian station") to the stop "Letsy", then walk about 10-15 minutes;
    • in Vitebsk  by taxi  to the sanatorium.

    You can use transfer services

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    Children's age

    5 years
    Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
    • Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
    • Price for Russian citizens
    • Price for other countries

    Additional information

    When checking in, you must have:

    • For the purpose of treatment, you must provide a spa card or extract from medical documents of the form "1 med / u-10."
    • For children, an analysis of enterobiosis and a certificate of lack of contact with infectious patients are required
    • passport (for children - birth certificate).

    Medical services


    Inhalation therapy


    Laboratory and diagnostic tests


    Light therapy





    Services for children

    • Children are accepted from 3 years, treatment is provided from 3 years.
    • For children equipped playground


    Meals are organized in the dining room on the 2-3 floor
    2 dining rooms with 800 seats
    Dietary nutrition: permanent diets No. 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 15 are installed

    Type of food:

    • Order Menu
    • Elements of the buffet: soups, salad bar, drinks.
    • The dining room has a microwave.

    Food Schedule:

    • Breakfast: 08:30 - 09:10
    • Lunch: 13:30 - 14:10
    • Afternoon snack: 17:00 - 17:15
    • Dinner: 19:00 - 19:45

    Sports and recreation

    For sports and recreation, the following services are available:

    • Table Tennis
    • Summer stage
    • Ballroom in the Palace of Culture
    • Volleyball Court
    • Rental point (sports equipment, boats, catamarans, refrigerator, barbecue, deck chairs).

    The following leisure activities are also organized in the health resort:

    • Song evenings
    • Discos
    • Karaoke
    • Competitive and entertainment programs
    • Concert programs
    • Music and entertainment programs
    • Educational and entertainment programs
    • Watching movies
    • Sporting events
    • Dance evenings

    Guided tours:

    • Vitebsk-Zdravnevo
    • Polotsk, St. Sophia Cathedral

    Resort fee

    The resort fee rate is set at 4 percent of the cost of the permit.

    The following categories of citizens of the Republic of Belarus and citizens permanently residing in the Republic of Belarus are exempted from paying the resort fee:

    • minor children;
    • disabled people of groups 1 and 2;
    • persons accompanying disabled people of the 1st group, disabled children under the age of 18 years;
    • Heroes of Belarus, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Socialist Labor, full chevalier of the orders of the Fatherland, Glory and Labor Glory;
    • veterans of World War II.

    For pensioners of the Republic of Belarus by age, registered in the Vitebsk region, a 50 percent exemption from resort fee is provided.

    Medical License

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