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Children’s health resort “Kolos”

Children’s health resort “Kolos”

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Address: 22/5, 225861, Kobryn District, v. Peski, Brest region, Belarus Category First
Check-in 8:00
Check-out 20:00
Year of foundation 2004
Distance to Minsk 300 km
Nearest town Kobrin (9 km)

Family vacation packages in the health resort Kolos

Family resort "Kolos" is located in the village of Peski on the Mukhavets River 9 km from Kobrin (Brest Region) in the ecological zone "Piny Wood" ("Sosnovy Bor"). The hotel room capacity is represented by single, double and triple luxury rooms. The family resort can hold 532 people and consists of 5 family-type cottages, as well as 3 dormitory buildings without covered passages between them.

The medical specialization of the resort focuses on the diseases of:

  • respiratory and nervous system;
  • blood;
  • digestive tract;
  • bones, muscles, connective tissue, skin;
  • reproductive system;
  • endocrinology.

There are all conditions for health-improvement and sport activity onsite the family resort:

  • medical-improving complex;
  • SPA-center;
  • pool;
  • recreation center;
  • open-air athletic fields.

Health tourism in the Brest Region

Buying package to the family resort "Kolos", you take care of your body and get rest in nature with possibilities of cultural tourism. In Kobrin and the Kobrin district you can visit:

And also to appreciate the masterpieces of church architecture:

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The wellness center has developed and applies a 24-day seasonal menu for age groups (3-6, 7-10, 11-13, 14-17 and older), which takes into account the most important principles of dietetics. Vacationers are provided with a five-time rational balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate nutrition. The diet includes gentle dishes that do not undergo frying.

The dining room is represented by three spacious, comfortable rooms with a total capacity of 500 people.

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Sports and recreation

Our health resort, this is a great option for relaxing at any time of the year for everyone regardless of age. For this, a full range of services is provided for living in Superior rooms and family-type guest houses. We have gyms, outdoor sports grounds. 

The cultural program includes tourist bus routes to Military A.V.Suvorov Historical Museum and Park, Children's Entertainment Center "Kesha", Ice Arena, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Brest Fortress  and Museum of the World War II, Ostrich Farm, hiking in the Horse-Sports Club "Devay".

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Additional information

Guests arriving at the wellness center should have:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate (for children)
  • Extract from medical documents or health-resort card
Medical documents are not issued at the wellness center!
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Resort fee

Upon arrival at the health resort, a resort fee of 4% of the cost of the permit is paid separately. 

From the resort fee are exempted:

  • minors;
  • full-time students in the educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus;
  • veterans, disabled people and participants of the Great Patriotic War;
  • disabled people of I and II groups, disabled people since childhood.

Getting there

By Car
  • Brest - health resort "Kolos" (about 40 km): along the M1 highway (Brest-Minsk);
  • Minsk - health resort "Kolos" (about 300 km): along the P1 highway (Minsk-Dzerzhinsk) to the intersection with the M1 highway, then to the right, along the M1 highway (Minsk-Brest) to Kobrin.

Geographic coordinates: 52.193643, 24.217208

By public transport
  • from Minsk to Brest, Zhabinka: daily commuter trains and passenger trains;
  • from Minsk to Kobrin: from the bus station "Central" route taxis depart;
  • from Brest, Kobrin to DROTS "Kolos": from the bus station by regular bus or route taxi Kobrin - Brest or Brest - Kobrin to the stop "Peski-2" (stop on demand), departure every hour. Walk 200 m from the stop;
  • from Kobrin, Zhabinka to the Kolos center: by taxi.
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