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Children’s health complex “Kolos”


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Address: 225861, Kobryn District, v. Peski, 22/5, Brest region, Belarus
Check-in 8:00
Check-out 20:00
Year of foundation 2004
Distance to Minsk 300 km
Nearest town Kobrin (9 km)

Family resort 'Kolos' is located in the village of Peski on the Mukhavets River 9 km from Kobrin (Brest Region) in the ecological zone 'Piny Wood' ('Sosnovy Bor'). The hotel room capacity is represented by single, double and triple luxury rooms. The family resort can hold 532 people and consists of 5 family-type cottages, as well as 3 dormitory buildings without covered passages between them.

Family vacation packages in sanatorium Kolos

The medical specialization of the resort focuses on the diseases of:

  • respiratory and nervous system;
  • blood;
  • digestive tract;
  • bones, muscles, connective tissue, skin;
  • reproductive system;
  • endocrinology.

There are all conditions for health-improvement and sport activity onsite the family resort:

  • medical-improving complex;
  • SPA-center;
  • pool;
  • recreation center;
  • open-air athletic fields.

Health tourism in the Brest Region

Buying package to the family resort "Kolos", you take care of your body and get rest in nature with possibilities of cultural tourism. In Kobrin and the Kobrin district you can visit:

And also to appreciate the masterpieces of church architecture:

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225861, Kobryn District, v. Peski, 22/5

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