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Health resort Brestagrozdravnitsa


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Address: 225027, Brest district, Berestye village, Brest region, Belarus
Check-in 8:00
Check-out 20:00
Year of foundation 1976
Distance to Minsk 376 km
Nearest town Brest (32 km)

Sanatorium of the Brest region "Brestagrozdravnitsa"

Sanatorium "Brestagrozdravnitsa", which until 2003 was called "Berestie", is surrounded by a majestic pine-deciduous forest and closely adjacent to the Rogoznyanskoe lake. This ecologically clean area of ​​the Brest region is also called the biosphere reserve "Pribuzhskoe Polesie". Wellness in the sanatorium "Berestye" is not simply considered one of the best, here nature takes care of your health.

The sanatorium is always ready to offer tourists 362 beds. At the disposal of holidaymakers are 2 modern buildings, which are connected by transitions not only among themselves, but also with the building where the medical pool is located.

Medical profile of the sanatorium "Berestie"

Booking a ticket to the sanatorium "Brestagrozdravnitsa", all tourists are treated on modern equipment. At the request of the guests, they are provided with effective health, medical and cosmetic procedures:

  • mud therapy and mud applications;
  • hydrotherapy in the SPA capsule;
  • reflexotherapy and hirudotherapy;
  • darsonvalization, etc.

Zdravnitsa was awarded the first spa category. Here you can safely enjoy your holiday, entrusting your health to experienced professionals.

Sanatorium "Berestie": not only sanitation, but also tourism

Sanatorium "Berestie" is located only 40 km from the city of Brest. In any free from medical procedures, you can go on fascinating excursions to the Brest Fortress and Belovezhskaya Pushcha. And also you are waited by other, not less interesting sights:

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For accommodation guests have a wide choice of rooms of different categories.

In the sanatorium residence is provided in two buildings, united by a transition:

  • rooms in the building №1 (3 floors): Single, double, triple rooms,two-rooms, Lux
  • rooms in the building №2 (12 floors): Single, double, two-rooms, superior rooms and Lux


Comfortable dining room for 320 seats, distributed in two dining rooms, is located in the building №1 on the 2nd floor.

You will provide four meals on the menu (from the third minute of the day) with a variety of dishes of national Belarusian cuisine, there is also the possibility to order vegetarian and meatless dishes (in consultation with dietitian)

Sports and recreation

Entertainment and leisure in the resort Brestagrozdravnitsa - an essential component of a good rest. We propose to combine a relaxing holiday on the beach and in a cozy room, with various types of active recreation. For the curious and active holidaymakers have prepared a program that will help to come from vacation with experiences and pleasant memories.
Active guests can play volleyball, tennis, table tennis, basketball and billiards, to explore the area Pribuzhskoye Polissye bikes, and in winter for skiing and sledding. To maintain good physical shape - gym equipped with outdoor fitness equipment, nordic walking.

For you sincerely held concert and dance evenings, recitation contests, dance lessons, concerts of amateur performances with the participation of tourists and professional artists, discos. Excursion trips with visits to museums, theaters and places of Brest.

Additional Information

Who arrived in the resort should have: 

  • passport or identity document; 
  • spa card, not older than 1 month, at which no treatment is given after the test on a fee basis.
Placing done according to the chosen and paid for the room category upon arrival at the resort. Division and transfer to another person of sanatorium vouchers not be made. Check Term of the permit is not transferred, the unused days will not be compensated.

Persons in a state of intoxication in a sanatorium will not be accepted. Vacationers who violate public order, sanatorium treatment, prosecuted, up to expulsion from the resort without refund for non-use days of spa treatments.

Resort fee

In addition, upon arrival at the sanatorium, a resort fee of 4% of the cost of the tour is paid.


225027, Brest district, Berestye village

Getting there

How to get to health resort Berestie by car:

  • Minsk - Brest: on a motorway Р1 (Minsk-Dzerzhinsk) before crossing with a highway М1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (Red'ki)) around Dzerzhinsk (about 40 km); on a highway М1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (Red'ki) to Brest (about 330 km).
  • Polotsk - Brest:  on a motorway Р46 (Lepel-Polotsk-border of Russia (Juhovichi)) to Lepel (about 70 km); on a highway М3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 155 km); on a motorway Р1 (Minsk-Dzerzhinsk) before crossing with a highway М1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (Red'ki)) around Dzerzhinsk (about 40 km); on a highway М1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (Red'ki) to Brest (about 330 km).
  • Vitebsk - Brest: on a highway М3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 280 km); on a motorway Р1 (Minsk-Dzerzhinsk) before crossing with a line М1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (Red'ki)) around Dzerzhinsk (about 40 km); on a highway М1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (Red'ki) to Brest (about 330 km).
  • Brest - health resort "Berestie": on a motorway Р94 (Brest-Tomashovka-border of Ukraine) to the item Zbunin (about 35 km); further turn on the left (on Beloe Ozero) and under indexes to the health resort "Berestie" (about 5 km).
How to get to health resort Berestie by public transport:

From the bus station to health resorts buses, departure time 6.00, 8.15, 11.00, 12.50, 14.00, 16.50, 17.20 (daily).

Geographical coordinates - 51°49.780' N, 23°43.520' E

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