Health resort Lenina
Health resort Lenina is located on the suburbs of Bobruisk city Mogilev region at the territory of Bobruisk resort. Health Resort is situated in the forest and park zoneon the bank. At 100 m from the health resort there is river Berezina. On the territory grow fir, pine, birch, oak, maple, chestnut, lime-trees, decorative bushes.
  • Chongarskayan street, 193, 213801, Bobruisk, Mogilev region, Belarus
  • Children's playground
  • Library
Health resort Belaya Rus
Belaya Rus health resort is located in the territory of the Naroch resort in the Myadel district of the Minsk region within the "Narochansky" national park. The health resort is located in a pine forest at a distance of 300 meters from the picturesque lake Naroch, the largest in the Republic. Pine, spruce, birch, aspen, oak, etc. grow on the territory of the health resort. The resort has a well-equipped beach on the shore of the lake. Drinking water is supplied and showers are equipped. On the territory of the health resort "Belaya Rus" there are two sources of mineral water. Also on the territory of the health resort there are 6 buildings: 2 sleeping medical sports administrative pool + 6 guest houses All buildings (except guest houses) are connected by passages.
  • st. Lesnaya, 4, 222395, Naroch, Minsk region, Belarus
  • Wi-Fi
  • Children's playground
Health resort BATE
The health complex BATE in the Minsk Region Belarus is full of health centers and resorts, and one of the best among them is the health complex BATE. It is located in the Minsk Region, 80 km from Minsk (2.5 km from Borisov) in the village of Dudinka. The health center BATE is an ideal place for recreation: the territory of the resort is in the midst of mixed forest and stand of birch trees, the river Berezina flows near it. The hotel room capacity is 91 people, which are accomodated in 3 bedroom buildings. The fitness and health centre, the administrative and medical building and the restaurant are separated and are not connected with living accomodations by a passageway Fat-loss program in the Belarusian health center BATE The complex near Borisov will help not only with recreation, but also with fat-loss. Only the Minsk health complex BATE can offer you a special package tour for fat-loss – “Tour to Beauty”. It is a program specially developed by top nutrition experts, fitness-instructors, beauty experts and other specialists. The advantages of booking “Tour to Beauty” on the VETLIVA site If you take control of your health and think of losing weight – the health center BATE is for you! “Tour to Beauty” offers: the one and only system of 7-time nutrition for losing 1 kg a day health improvement and physical well-being breathing exercises and water fitness motivational counseling, etc. Fitness tour and experiential travel in one package Recreation in the health complex BATE combines health improvement and culture-related tourism. Visit Borisov – the city of Voskresenskiy Cathedral (Resurrection Cathedral) and the Church of Nativity of Virgin Mary, and also modern sports complex – Borisov arena.
  • 222120, Borisov region, Dudinka, Minsk region, Belarus
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Sosnovaya st., 222401, Myadelsky district, village Zubrenyovka, Naroch, Minsk region, Belarus
  • Wheelchair ramp
  • Children's playground
Health resort Lesnie Ozera
Health resort Lesnie Ozera is located on the territory of resort Usachi in Ushachi district Vitebsk region. Health Resort id surrounded by coniferous forest. On the territory there are two mineral lakes: Lake Dolgoe, Lake Barkovschina. They live on spring with medical properties. On the territory grow pine, fir, birch, maple etc.
  • 5a, 211481, Ushachsky district, v. Vashkovo, Vitebsk region, Belarus
  • Children's playground
  • Library
Health resort Primorski
The recreation in the health resort “Primorsky” Minsk District Health and spa resort "Primorski" is located in ecologically clean area on the coast of Zaslavsky reservoir, or the Minsk Sea. The resort offers a wide range of treatments for the rehabilitation and recreation. The resort belongs to the public association «Belarusian Society of Deafs»,  and allows to relax and treat people with hearing disorder. Rooms equipped to receive people with this disorder. One of the main features of the resort is its compactness: accommodation, food, and treatment are provided in one three-floored building. Rest in the health resort has many advantages: professional treatment; developed infrastructure; improvement in an ecologically clean area; the resort is situated at the shore of the Minsk Sea and surrounded by pine and mixed forests), low prices for permits. The health resort “Primorsky” – recreation near Minsk The health center “Primorsky” which is situated in the Minsk District provides all kind of services for recreation: comfortable accommodation effective treatment sauna with mini pool spa-center beach recreation at the shore of the Minsk Sea walk in the woods, etc. The sights of Minsk at a walking distance While on vacation in the health and spa resort "Primorsky", be sure to take the opportunity to visit Minsk, located just in 11 km away from the health resort. You will see historical monuments of the capital of Belarus — Trinity suburb, the famous "Red" church and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, as well as modern sights of Minsk — the National Library and Minsk arena. The best offers for rest in the Minsk Sea only with us! Vouchers with treatment are booked from 7 days. Vouchers without treatment from day 1.
  • 223042, Minsk district, Semkov Gorodok, Minsk region, Belarus
  • Day nursery
  • Crib