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Tour «1.6 Holidays in Minsk, 4 days»

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Days: 4
Travel theme: Historical tour, Architectural tour, Culture and art
City: Minsk
Method of conducting: Coach tour
Time and place of dispatch: Meeting at the 5th railway carrige of your train
Route: Minsk - Mir - Nesvizh - Belovezhskaya Pushcha - Dudutki - Minsk

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The price includes

Meeting: at the station, transfer to the hotel, check-in (immediately upon arrival)
Accommodation: in hotel Belarus *** with water park, city center
Rooms: 1-2-bedded with all amenities, TV, telephone
Meals: 4 breakfasts + 4 dinners + 3 tastings in Dudutki
Transport: tour bus
Excursions with entrance tickets to museums:

  • Sightseeing tour around Minsk, Trinity Suburb
  • Concert of classical music
  • Excursion to the Museum of Material Culture Dudutki
  • 3 tastings in Dudutki: at the alcohol machine, at the bakery, at the mill
  • Excursion to Belovezhskaya Puscha
  • Visiting the museum of nature, animal enclosures
  • Excursion "Architectural Monuments of the Mir and Nesvizh"
  • Excursion with entrance tickets to the palace complex in Nesvizh
  • Visit to the Church of Farny in Nesvizh
  • Excursion around Mir Castle
Animations: sledding in Dudutki
Water park in the hotel 2 hours
Infopakcage: maps of Minsk, memo with the program and recommendations, branded souvenirs

New Year's vacation 2019 in Minsk.



Дворцово-парковый ансамбль в Несвиже

The Nesvizh castle in Belarus: history. The Radziwills' Palace and Gardens are spread out on the north-eastern outskirts of Nesvizh by the Ush...

Мирский замок

Mir castle - one of the main sights of Belarus. The Mir Castle is one of those attractions of Belarus that need no introduction. The world will a...

Троицкое предместье в Минске

Trinity Suburb - one of the favorite places of Belarusians in Minsk in the past. At the left bank of the Svisloch there were roads to Viln...

Музей старинных ремесел «Дудутки»

The Museum of Old Crafts “Dudutki” is situated 45 kilometers from Minsk. It is located in a picturesque site near the Ptich River. The area of the ...


"Minsk-Arena" is one of the main decorations of Minsk. This cultural and sport complex is one of the most high-tech multi-functional sport facilit...

Верхний город в Минске

The very heart of the Belarusian capital is rightly occupied by Upper Town. This is one of the most frequently visited metropolitan attractions. A...

Березинский биосферный заповедник

The Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is situated in the northern part of Belarus. It is 125 km fr om Minsk and 140 km from Vitebsk. The village of Dom...


, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 44 km

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