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Excursion Road of castles (in Russian)

VETLIVA Экскурсия «Дорогой замков» Самые посещаемые достопримечательности Белоруссии - замки Лиды и Новогрудка в нашем туристическом маршруте. 85.00
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Excursion Road of castles (in Russian)

Days: : 1
Tour length (km): 350
Duration (hours): 11
Travel theme: Historical tour, Architectural tour
City: Minsk
Method of conducting: Coach tour
Time and place of dispatch: 09:00 from Belarus Hotel (Storozhovskaya str., 15).
Route: Minsk - Novogrudok - Lida - Minsk

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The price includes

  • Journey by bus
  • Tour of the route
  • Excursion around Novogrudok
  • Excursion to A. Mickiewicz's house-museum
  • Visiting temples
  • Visiting the Konstantin Kachan art gallery
  • Excursion to the Lida Castle
  • Excursion to Lidsky Castle Museum
  • Lunch

Book excursion to the castles of Belarus in Lida and Novogrudok.

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The bus is marked with a yellow plate on the windshield with the name of the excursion. We ask you to be 15 minutes before the time of departure, check into the guide`s list and take a seat on the bus.

Attention! There is a 10% discount on booking and payment until June 30, 2020 inclusive.



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Бабич Павел Бабич Павел Беларусь , Минск, 30.10.2017
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The history of Lida Castle appearance (the Gediminas Castle) One of the most ancient castles in the territory of modern Belarus is the Gediminas ...


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