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Tour «BTI7 Polesskaya Odiseya»

Tour «BTI7 Polesskaya Odiseya»

Days: 7
Mode of transportation: Bus and walking tour
Travel theme: Historical tour, Architectural tour
Method of conducting: Group tour
Time and place of dispatch: Departure by bus from Moscow: meeting at 10:00am, departure at 10:30am from the museum Borodino Panorama (metro station Park Pobedy).
Route: Moscow - Minsk - Ruzhany - Kossovo - Pinsk - Motol - Turov - National Park Pripyatsky - Gomel - Moscow
Language: Russian

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The price includes

  • Travel by bus of tourist class;
  • Accommodation in hotels of tourist class (corresponding to 2/3 *);
  • Breakfasts in hotels along the route;
  • Sightseeing tour of Minsk;
  • Excursion through the territory of the Sapeg Palace in Ruzhany (entrance tickets to the exposition halls are paid separately);
  • Exterior inspection of the Pusłowski Palace and the Kosciuszko family estate in Kossovo;
  • Tour of Pinsk;
  • Excursions to the Museum of Nature in the National Park "Pripyatsky";
  • Inspection of Turov;
  • Excursion around Gomel;
  • Services of guide-escort;
  • Services of animation teams.

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The price does not include

  • Package "Optimum" (7 lunches + ride on the boat in Pinsk + excursion to the palace complex Rumyantsev-Paskevicchey in Gomel + excursion to the Vetkovsky Museum of Old Believers): 5400 RUB (Adult)/4500 RUB (children under 16 years);
  • Excursion trip "Stalin's Line": 1200 RUB (adult) / 900 RUB (children under 16 years)
  • A boat trip to Pinsk: 1200 RUB (adult), 1100 RUB (children under 16 years)
  • Excursion trip "Motolskie prysmaki" (transfer + entrance tickets to the museum of national life + excursion service + Live Sound program + tasting): 1400 RUB (adult) / 1100 RUB (children under 16)
  • Excursion to the palace complex of Rumyantsev-Paskevichi in Gomel (entrance tickets to the museum + excursion service) adult - 300 RUB, children under 16 years - 200 RUB.
  • Excursion to the Vetka Museum of Old Believers (transfer + entrance tickets to the museum + excursion service) adult - 400 RUB, children under 16 - 300 RUB.
  • Meals (7 lunches): 3 000 RUB
  • Entrance tickets to the Ruzhany Palace complex: 300 RUB (adult) / 200 RUB (children under 16)

    Additional information

    Арганізатары пакідаюць за сабой права ўносіць некаторыя змены ў праграму тура без змяншэння аб'ёму і якасці паслуг: замена гасцінец на раўназначныя, падаванне абедаў у рэстаранах і кафэ па маршруце ў залежнасці ад іх загрузкі, уносіць змены ў экскурсійную праграму ў залежнасці ад аб'ектыўных акалічнасцяў.



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