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Tour «BT6 Secrets of Polesie»

Tour «BT6 Secrets of Polesie»

белорусское полесье
белоруссия автобусный тур
тур по беларуси
тур по белоруссии
белорусское полесье
белоруссия автобусный тур
тур по беларуси
тур по белоруссии
Days: 5
Mode of transportation: Bus and walking tour
Tour length (km): около 1 100 км
Travel theme: Historical tour, Architectural tour
City: Minsk
Method of conducting: Group tour
Time and place of dispatch: The guide meets visitors at 7am near your carriege (For full execution of the program, it is recommended to purchase tickets for trains arriving in Minsk no later than 7:30).
Route: Minsk - Zhirovichi - Slonim - Ruzhany - Kossovo - Motol - Pinsk - Turov - National Park Pripyatski - Gomel

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The price includes

  • Travel by bus of tourist class;
  • Accommodation (4 nights) in a tourist class hotel (corresponding to 2/3 *);
  • 5 breakfasts in hotels (on the route);
  • Sightseeing tour around Minsk (including visiting the Upper Town)
  • Inspection Roujan and external inspection of the palace Sapieg;
  • Exterior inspection of the Pusłowski Palace and the Kosciuszki Manor in Kossovo
  • Tour in Pinsk;
  • Excursion to the Museum of Nature in NP "Pripyatsky"
  • Inspection of Turov with the attendant;
  • Visit to historical and archaeological complex "Ancient Turov" (Excursion + entrance tickets)
  • Excursion around Gomel;
  • Excursion support in the bus;
  • Animation team services
  • Map of Minsk and reference materials

The price does not include

  • Package "Optimum" (5 lunches + Entrance tickets to the Ruzhansky Palace Complex + Walk on a boat in Pinsk) 4400 RUB - adult, 3900 RUB - children under 16 years old.
  • Excursion trip "Stalin's Line": 1200 RUB (adult) / 900 RUB (children under 16)
  • A boat trip to Pinsk: 1200 RUB (adult), 1000 RUB (children under 16).
  • Excursion trip "Motolskie pryzmaki" (transfer + entrance tickets to the museum of national life + excursion service + Live Sound program + tasting): 1400 RUB (adult) / 1100 RUB (children under 16)
  • Excursion to the Vetka Museum of Old Believers (transfer + entrance tickets to the museum + excursion service) adult - 400 RUB, children under 16 - 300 RUB.
  • Meals (5 lunches): 2 000 RUB
  • Entrance tickets to the Ruzhany Palace complex: 300 RUB (adult) / 200 RUB (children under 16).

    Additional information

    Арганізатары пакідаюць за сабой права ўносіць некаторыя змены ў праграму тура без змяншэння аб'ёму і якасці паслуг: замена гасцінец на раўназначныя, падаванне абедаў у рэстаранах і кафэ па маршруце ў залежнасці ад іх загрузкі, уносіць змены ў экскурсійную праграму ў залежнасці ад аб'ектыўных акалічнасцяў.



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