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Rygor Borodulin and Vasil Bykov: excursion by Gleb Lododenko, journalist, creator of the School of Belarusian Language

Days: 1
Tour length (km): 600
Duration (hours): 14
Travel theme: Historical tour
City: Minsk
Method of conducting: Coach tour
Time and place of dispatch: 8.00, Nezavisimosti ave. 31a, the house-museum of the RSDLP
Route: Minsk - Babtsy - Lepel - Polotsk - Orekhovno - Ushachy - Selische - Bychki - Minsk

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The price includes

  • Excursion service:
- Minsk - the tomb of Vasily Bykov in the Eastern cemetery;
- Lepel - a monument to Lev Sapieha, a monument to the Dragon, a cassion of St. Casimir in 1857;
- Polotsk - Spaso-Efrosinjevsky Monastery, Jesuit Collegium, Center of Europe, Monument "Ў";
-Ushachi - the house of Rygor Borodulina, the grave of Ryhor Borodulina, the church of St. Lawrence early. XX century.
-Selishche - ruins of the church in 1728;
- House-museum of Vasily Bykov
  • Coffee and tea with biscuits

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The bus is marked with a yellow plate on the windshield with the name of the excursion. We ask you to be 15 minutes before the time of departure, check into the guide`s list and take a seat on the bus.



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