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Tour «Belaya Rus: Minsk - Grodno, 4 days»

Days: 4
Travel theme: Historical tour, Architectural tour, Culture and art
City: Minsk
Time and place of dispatch: Minsk, train station, meeting at the carriage number 5 of your train
Route: Minsk - Zalesye Estate - Gervyaty - Grodno - Lida - Korobchitsy

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The price includes

The tour price includes:
Hotel accommodation: 3 nights
Meals: 4 buffet breakfasts + 4 lunches
Transport service
Excursions (all entrance tickets included):
  • Excursion "Belarusian Mosaiс"
  • Excursion  to palace of Oginsky
  • Animated performance in the museum
  • Minsk Sightseeing Tour
  • Sightseeing tour across Grodno
  • Excursion to the Castle Hill Grodno
  • Excursion to the Museum of the History of Religion
  • Excursion to Korobchitsy
  • Riding on a stagecoach

2-hour visit of water park in the hotel (accommodation in Belarus*** Hotel)
1 hour in the swimming pool in the hotel in Grodno (accommodation in Semashko*** Hotel)
Information sheet
Souvenirs and relevant city maps

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Березинский биосферный заповедник

The Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is situated in the northern part of Belarus. It is 125 km fr om Minsk and 140 km from Vitebsk. The village of Dom...

Августовский канал

Augustow canal is one of the most unique sights of Belarus. There are only two canals like Augustow Canal in the world that run through the territ...

Костел Святого Козьмы и Демьяна в Островце

Ostrovets is a small town located in Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus. Ostrovets was an urban settlement up to 2012. This settlement is sit...

Лидский замок (замок Гедимина)

The history of Lida Castle appearance (the Gediminas Castle) One of the most ancient castles in the territory of modern Belarus is the Gediminas ...

Нижняя и верхняя церкви в Гродно (Старый замок)

The Lower and Upper Churches in Grodno (The Old Castle) Grodno region is the only region in Belarus where the largest number of anci...

Троицкое предместье в Минске

Trinity Suburb - one of the favorite places of Belarusians in Minsk in the past. At the left bank of the Svisloch there were roads to Viln...



, Grodno , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 320 km
, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 44 km

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