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Excursions across Belarus

Excursions across Belarus

Start time: 9:00 | Number of hours: 11
Tours date: 06.06.2023, 07.06.2023, 08.06.2023, 11.06.2023

Tours date: 03.06.2023, 11.06.2023, 12.06.2023, 17.06.2023
Without meals

Tours date: 04.06.2023, 11.06.2023, 18.06.2023, 25.06.2023

Without meals

Start time: 9:00 | Number of hours: 8
Tours date: 07.06.2023, 14.06.2023, 21.06.2023, 28.06.2023

Without meals

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Excursions and weekend tours in Belarus

Excursions around Belarus are a great opportunity to personally see the Mirsky and Nesvizh castles, visit the Brest Fortress or Belovezhskaya Pushcha. 

For travelers, tours around Belarus with departure from Minsk are an excellent opportunity to satisfy your cultural hunger, to learn the history and ancient traditions of the country, to enjoy the beauty of its nature. Minsk sightseeing tours and other cities are thought through to the smallest detail. You can inexpensively and comfortably touch the Belarusian identity, get acquainted with the numerous monuments and sights of Belarus, museums and castles. Groups of tourists gather in the center of Minsk. Bus and walking tours in any language will tell you about important events or mysterious facts in the history of Belarus

Belarus is one of the most popular countries for  culture tourism in Europe, both for the guests of the country, and for its residents. During the sightseeing tours in the cities of Belarus you will see old European-style buildings, sanctuaries and churches, temples and monasteries, visit museums and exhibitions. 

Excursion tours around Belarus together with VETLIVA.COM is a memorable culture trip that will make a good impression on you.