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Christmas fair "Walk Gascony yard" will unfold in the historical centre of Minsk near the city hall fr om December 24 to January 5.

The site has 18 wooden pavilions decorated with figures from Christmas and new year stories. The basis for artistic decision - traditions of the Belarusian "Wynn" and the laconic "malevanyj divano". The decoration used live spruce and lighting to create an atmosphere of comfort. The musical part of the fair will remind about the home traditions of the new year. On the square there is a chamber insulated stage for performances in the form of a retro-TV, wh ere in the daytime anyone can arrange a photo shoot in the new year entourage. A mailbox will appear, with the help of which guests will be able to send cards to relatives and friends - Santa Claus and snow maiden will take care of their delivery. 

The folklore program will be presented by the groups "Speni the gathering" and "Tanzevalniy Assembly", kulagowski, jugglers, stilt-walkers. The culmination of each day will be exclusive concerts of music groups and choreographic groups. So, on December 24, the center of modern choreography Smart Dance (19.00), Port Mone (avant-garde ambient style, 21.00), Dzivasil (ethno-ambient, 22.00) will present their work. The next day, guests will be entertained by Smart Dance (18.45), Minsk Improvisers Orchestra (19.00), "Malanka orchestra" (Gypsy-ska disco, 21.00), the ensemble of French horn of the Bolshoi theatre of Belarus "Golden Rhine" (22.00). 

"Walk speny feel of the Christmas time gathering s herd "Hamann" will please residents and tourists 26 Dec 19.30 and at 21.00 Cappella "Calcine" will offer dance set, at 22.00 will be the participant of the show "Songs" on TNT Nikita Hodas. In the evening program on December 27-master class music rocking FASOL (18.00), performance of "Malanki orchestra" (19.30), Blues band GT (21.00), the ensemble of French horn "Golden Rhine" (22.00). 

The festival will continue on December 28 with the participation of Minsk Improvisers Orchestra (19.00), "Dudarskaga club" (19.45), Navi band (21.00), Ani Zhdanova (22.00), December 29 their songs and covers will perform Lera Yaskevich (21.30). And on December 30-31 compositions Delay Sound System, Dee Tree, Klaxons Brass (brass ensemble) will be performed. 

Musical gifts are also available in early January. Participants of the fair will present a Christmas menu, including a pig on a spit. You can try a variety of soups, tortillas with meat and vegetarian fillings under different sauces, sausages, original desserts. Hot Christmas dishes of both Belarusian and Czech, Moldavian, Caucasian and Belgian cuisine are expected. 

The bar charts, developed by Minsk bartenders specifically for the fair, will include grog, and punches on whiskey or Czech bitter liqueur, and author's winter cocktails. 

Shopping arcade will be open from 12.00 to 23.00 on weekends and holidays, from 14.00 to 23.00 - on weekdays. 

The organizers of the project are the Minsk city Executive Committee and JV "Pernod Ricard Minsk".

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