Traveling to the past



Within the framework of the project, you are waited for daily (from April to September) or weekly (from October to April) trips and 22 unique  excursions - each of them will open for you a new interesting page of the city’s history.

You are waiting for hundreds of facts and sights, urban stories, unusual and funny events, legends and tales, ghosts and ancient necropolises, the history of Belarus on the streets of Minsk.

Thousands of people have already visited the project excursions. Join now!

The project "Travel to the past" works on the principle of "Free Walking Tours" - this is a free walking tour, a social project whose purpose is to familiarize yourself with the history of the city. Such excursions will be interesting to both guests and residents of the city; Excursions of this format have long been held around the world and are very popular.

Anyone can come on a tour, after which, if you like, you can help the development of the project, leaving a tip.

Book in advance of travel is not necessary. The average duration of the tour is 1.5 hours. Excursions occur in the presence of at least 10 people. Guided tours do not occur in the rain.

P.S. All excursions of the project can be ordered privately for yourself / friends / corporate / school / uni / etc. at a convenient time for you and time. The cost of the trip in Belarusian or Russian is 80 rubles., In English - 100 rubles. Number of participants - from 1 to 50 people.

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