V Ethno-holiday “Visit a Radzimichy"


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August 25 on the site of the ancient settlements of Radimichs will be a festival stylized for the early Middle Ages.

“Visit a Radzimichy" has already been held 4 times in the agro-town Radomlya of the Chaussky district.

In the program of the holiday: 
  • theatre performances
  • competition of culture and lifestyle of Ancient Belarus "Time of antiquity"
  • сoncert programs of ethnogroups "Khmyalny Vіr", "Dzivabor", etc.
  • demonstration performances of Vikings
  • open-air museum
  • master classes and exhibitions-sales of artisans and craftsmen
  • entertainment programs, interactive zones
  • fire show of the collective "AGNI show", Vitebsk

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