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Graphics from private European foundations, as well as ceramic works by the famous Picasso, will be available for two months at the LIBRA exhibition hall. The name Pablo Picasso needs no introduction: this ingenious artist lived a long life and left behind a vast legacy. 

At the exhibition you can see:

  • the early period of creativity;

  • the blue period, which was characterized by the presence of all shades of blue and blue on the canvases;

  • works in the style of analytical and synthetic cubism, which made Picasso famous all over the world;

  • sketches for the famous Guernica, Toros and Toreros, War and Peace.

In addition to the works of the French cubist, you will see the works of contemporary Belarusian artists and sculptors.

Ticket price: 12 BYN — adult, 10 BYN — student, 8 BYN — pupils, children (up to 7 years old) can enter the exhibition for free.

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