A taxi terminal will appear at the National Airport

A taxi terminal will appear at the National Airport

11.07.2019 Minsk

Conditions for tourists in Belarus are constantly improving. In June, in Minsk buses coming from the National Airport, they introduced the opportunity to buy a ticket by making a payment with a plastic card. Further plans to place a taxi terminal on the territory of National Airport. They are going to rent out two sites, the total area of ​​which is 2,343, 1 sq.m. The auction for the sale of the right to conclude the lease of the site will be held on July 24. The winner of the auction will be obliged to organize the use of sites in accordance with their purpose. Among the rental conditions, there is an interesting item. According to him, all drivers of the future taxi will be required to comply with business style clothing.

At the moment, tourists who fly to Belarus by plane can call a taxi in the airport building, through the dispatch service or on the website of the National Airport.

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