The Augustow Canal is being prepared for the new tourist season

21.11.2019 Grodno

Thanks to the visa-free regime, Grodno is constantly breaking tourist attendance records. Recall that:

The Augustow Canal is a popular attraction that all guests of Belarus seek to visit. Therefore, it was decided to purchase 100 new bicycles for organizing bicycle routes, as well as a new motor ship. Green transport has already been purchased and delivered to Belarus. The process of buying water transport is being prepared, which will run and transport from 25 to 30 passengers on the Augustow Canal and the Neman.

As part of these events, it is also planned to renovate the tourist center in Sopotskin, a visit to which is included in many travel routes along the Augustow Canal.

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Str. Sanatornaya, 23, 230031 , Grodno , Belarus
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