Alexey Talai was awarded the prize for the promotion of the II European Games in Minsk


The II European Games in Minsk were held a month ago. Conclusions are drawn, results are calculated and people who have shown an active life position and contributed to the popularization and dissemination of information about the grand event are awarded. One of such people is the star ambassador of the II European Games, Alexey Talai.

Alexey is a man who has not been broken by life’s trials. Despite the loss of all limbs at the early age, he became a master of sports and successfully performed in the Belarusian Paralympic team. Now Alexey is actively engaged in social and coaching activities, and on the eve of the opening of the II European Games in Minsk he posted useful information about the upcoming event. The athlete received the diploma from Anatoly Kotov’s hands, the deputy director of the Directorate of the II European Games in 2019.

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