News about tourism in Belarus

16.04.2019 Lida

Brewing company Lidskoe Pivo construct a unique beer museum. It is scheduled to open by 2021

15.04.2019 Grodno

The authorities of the Grodno region have proposed to expand the borders of visa-free travel for tourists


On April 11, the winners of the Internet awards TIBO-2019 were announced. VETLIVA among them. Read on the details 


This year in the Grodno region 2 new hotels and 3 hostels will open their doors to visitors


Since May, the Belarusian Railway plans to remove restrictions on the sale of tickets with electronic registration

09.04.2019 Brest

New middle class hotel to be built in Brest


A new video about Belarus has appeared on the TV channel Euronews. Domracheva and Vasilevich became guides. Watch the video below


The head of the Estonian diaspora told why Belarus is attractive to Estonians

03.04.2019 Minsk

VETLIVA invites you to the presentation of tourist packages at the II European Games 2019, which will be held as part of the 22nd International Spring Fair of Tourism Services REST-2019.

03.04.2019 Minsk

Minsk Transport plans to launch aeroexpress to the National Airport of Belarus. The decision is connected with the construction of the second runway at the airport Minsk


National Tourism Agencies of Belarus and Albania to Sign Cooperation Agreement


UNWTO appreciated Belarus’s efforts to develop tourism

28.03.2019 Minsk

Three new hotels will soon be commissioned in the capital. Read on where the new accommodation facilities are located

27.03.2019 Minsk

As it turned out, 30% of all spectators of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater are foreigners

26.03.2019 Minsk

Belavia will resume flights to Sheremetyevo Airport from April 22, 2019


By the end of the year, the authorities will revise the borders of three regions of Belarus: Grodno, Mogilev and Minsk

20.03.2019 Minsk

Three figures of artificial grass athletes will be installed in the Leninsky district of Minsk. Read on for details.


Belarus will take on the rest of children from Syria in May-June 2019


It became known that in 2019 the authorities plan to financially sponsor the restoration of the Kossovo Palace in Brest


During the 2nd European Games 2019 in Minsk, foreigners will be able to visit the Republic of Belarus without a visa. Read here about a visa-free entry 

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