International bike fest «ХЗ-2018»


International bike fest «ХЗ-2018»

Shalenuya Sekachy invites all the motor-fans at the international bike fest on July 12-15 at the lake

Everyone who adores speed, motorcycles and the feeling of freedom, the motorcycle Club "Shalenuya Sekachy" invites to the motorcycle festival!

A little secret: at the entrance you will be treated to a piece of juicy bull meat from the spit! During the festival there will be a parade of bike equipment, a show with moto-freestyle elements, a salute, a balloon, an electric ball, a tattoo salon for the bravest, and many other entertainments.

At the festival will perform Krambambula, Ivan Raven with the project Beast (tribute to ARIA), ASDS (AC / DC cover), Black Tuesday (Tribute Gaza Strip) and others.

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