Chinese Culture club Tsang Jie: schedule of meetings


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The club of Chinese culture Tsang Jie is organized to introduce Belarusians to the culture, history, traditions and language of the Celestial Empire. The cooperation between Belarus and China is actively developing in all areas, so people have shown their interest in this country. 

Attending meetings organized by the club, you can:

  • learn a lot for yourself,

  • meet native speakers

  • plunge into the atmosphere of live communication,

  • take part in interactive programs (contests, riddles, discussions), etc.

In December, the Department of Foreign Literature of the Minsk Regional Library A.S. Pushkin will host four club meetings. Every Sunday of the first winter month one can attend its meetings absolutely free. All that is required — is issuing a library card.

Follow our events poster in order not to miss anything important!

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