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Jubilee Festival "Kamyanitsa" will be held on September 1

On September 1, at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life near Minsk, with the support of Bank BelVEB, the jubilee - the tenth festival - "Kamyanitsa" will take place.

The first "Kamenica" dates back to 2009. During this time the festival has come a long way, but has preserved the main thing - interest in folk music in all its manifestations. Fr om authentic tunes without instrumental accompaniment to processing in modern musical styles and author's works inspired by folk art. This concept is also reflected in the headliners of this year.

Ethno-trio "Trinity" (Belarus), headed by Ivan Kirchuk is not in vain called "shamans" - their exquisite processing of folk songs bring listeners far into space. The team will present at the festival their best songs and a number of songs from the new album "Tsar-fire", which will be released in September.

Joryj Kloc (Ukraine) - an extraordinary team from Lviv, whose style is called "Ukrainian ritual hip-hop", "turbo-folk" and "Cossack breakbeat." The discs of the band were issued in Ukraine and Poland, wh ere musicians actively perform.

"Dough" (Russia) is a musical formation from St. Petersburg that performs traditional folk tunes the way a modern resident of a big city hears them. As a result, dance compositions are produced using live and electronic instruments, with a departure to drum and bass and dub, funk and hip-hop.

The festival area will open on September 1 at 11:00. Music and entertainment programs start at 12:00. Spectators in full versions of national costumes (from hats to suitable footwear) are free.

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