Festival of History and Culture Úlmus



The Festival of History and Culture Úlmus , dedicated to Brest obtaining Magdeburg Law, will be held on August 17. All year the city prepares for one of the most anticipated holidays - the celebration of the millennium since its founding. The Úlmus festival is free and also timed to a grand date. Within its framework, 11 different locations will operate:

  • information platform, where everyone can learn more about Brest and a significant date,

  • picnic,

  • craft fair where you can buy handmade souvenirs,

  • lecture hall

  • historical and tourist sites,

  • scene,

  • art space, as well as an alternative platform, organized by the online magazine "Binoculars",

  • food court.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: the Brest Millennium Monument has long been erected in the city. It adorns the pedestrian Sovetskaya street, popular with Brest residents and city guests.

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