European games - 2019



From June 21 to June 30, European games - 2019 will be held in Minsk.

The opening and closing ceremonies will be organized at the Dynamo stadium. Some competitions may begin on June 20 - the day before the official start of the Games. At the stadium "Dynamo" will also be competitions in athletics. "Minsk-Arena" will host tournaments in sports and artistic gymnastics, acrobatics and jumping on the trampoline. On the velodrome, included in the Minsk-Arena, there will be race on the track and badminton competitions. The skating stadium will become a warm-up arena. Road cycling will be held on the streets of the city, and at the "Palova Arena" (a playground under the tent near the Sports Palace) 3x3 basketball competitions will be organized. The boxing tournament will be hosted by the Sports Palace "Uruchie", and the competition for wrestling, Greco-Roman, Women's and Sambo - "Chizhovka-Arena". Competitions on the sprint canoe will be held on the rowing canal in Zaslavl, karate and judo in the Sports Palace, beach soccer and beach volleyball will be hosted by the Olimpiysky Sports Complex, shooting competitions will be held at the Sporting Club, table tennis at the Falcon Club, archery - on the grounds of the football club "Minsk".

In total, the European Games program includes competitions in 16 sports, 11 of them will be qualifying for the Olympics-2020. Exception will be gymnastics and wrestling, as well as basketball 3x3, sambo and beach football, which are not included in the Olympic program.

Athletes will be accommodated in the student village. It is expected that 4000 sportsmen and 2,000 officials will take part in the second Games.

The motto of the European Games 2019 will be Bright You ("Bright You"). This slogan will be abbreviated as BY.

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