Ethnofest «U gostsi da radzimichau»

Ethnofest «U gostsi da radzimichau»



From August 17 to 18, in the agricultural town of Radomlya near Chausy, the VI ethnic festival “U gostsi da radzimichau” will be held. The guests of the holiday will enjoy a rich program and complete immersion in the early Middle Ages. You will be able to see and feel the atmosphere of antiquity, to observe how our ancestors from the Radimichi tribe lived a long time ago, how they conducted their rites and holidays.

In the festival program you are waiting for:

  • theatrical performances with actors,

  • ethnic quests

  • a lot of authentic music

  • craft market

  • ethnic dances

  • concerts

  • ethno-projects

  • impressive fire show "AGNI show",

  • master classes and much, much more.

Belarus events are something worth going on an excursion and even book a tour if time permits!


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