National Culture Days in the Upper Town

National Culture Days in the Upper Town



National Culture Days in the Upper Town

Minsk hosts marathon of National Culture Days in the Upper Town.
In 2015, a festival of "Tbilisoba" in Minsk was celebrated for  the first time. This festival initiated the National Culture Days in the Upper Town in Minsk.
Days of Swedish, Russian and British culture has already passed, but there are 12 more festivals.
There is the schedule:
  • July 21 - Day of Estonia Culture
  • July 28 - Day of Greece Culture
  • August 4 - Day of Lithuanian Culture
  • August 5 - Day of Polish Culture
  • August 11 - Day of Korean Culture
  • August 18 - Day of Ukrainian Culture
  • August 25 - Day of Culture of Italy
  • August 26 - Day of Armenian culture
  • September 1 -  Day of Georgia Culture
  • September 15 - Day of Moldova Culture
  • September 16 - Day of Israeli Culture
  • September 22 - Day of Azerbaijan Culture
Day of Estonia Culture will be held for the first time. During the holidays everyone will be able to get acquainted with the culture of the country, try the national cuisine, put on traditional costumes, dance to folk music, and more. 

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