Day of Belarusian writing in Slonim



By tradition, the first Saturday of September will be the day of Belarusian writing. In 2019, the honor of hosting a holiday fell to Slonim. The holiday program is rich and varied:

  • fresh book editions will be presented,

  • visitors will be able to meet with Belarusian as well as foreign masters of the word,

  • throughout the event, performances by poets and writers will be organized,

  • fans of live performances will appreciate concerts of creative groups and performers,

  • it will be possible to purchase handmade souvenirs and taste the Belarusian national cuisine, according to which VETLIVA even wrote his guide.

Not so long ago, a monument to Lev Sapieha, a prominent historical figure who was the head of the city, was erected in Slonim. Thanks to him, the city received the Magdeburg Law and its own coat of arms. Go to Slonim to join the holiday!


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