Belarusian House. Spring 2019


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“Belarusian House” is an international construction and interior exhibition, which for many years has been gathering in Minsk companies from the construction industry and finishing materials, design and interior solutions.

Main subjects of the exhibition:

-Design and construction of elite and budget houses, baths, saunas, arbors.

-Construction and finishing materials, decorative elements, forged products, etc.

-Facade. Roof. Insulation.

-Fire-fighting equipment. Fire safety CCTV.

-Wooden housing construction: frame, half-timbered, manual cutting, CIP-panel, timber.

-Window. Doors. Goal. Rolling shutters

-Floors. Ceilings.

-Furnaces. Fireplaces.

-Tool. Construction chemistry

-Landscaping. Improvement. Ponds and fountains.

-Ceiling coverings, floors.

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