Events and festivals of Belarus: what awaits us in 2019?

Мероприятия и фестивали Беларуси: что нас ждет в 2019 году?

Мероприятия и фестивали Беларуси: что нас ждет в 2019 году? Мероприятия Беларуси

Список фестивалей и мероприятий в Беларуси на 2019 год с примерной программой, датами и местами проведения.


The New Year of the Yellow Earth Pig is on the threshold. What festivals will be held in Belarus in 2019? What activities are being prepared to hit our imagination and steal our hearts? Read our digest of events of the coming year and mark the most interesting ones in the calendar, so as not to forget about them!

Calendar of Events and Festivals in Belarus

Calendar of events and festivals in Belarus for 2019

Detailed calendar in high resolution check below the link

January: girls like it hot and figure skating

What festivals of Belarus are waiting for us at the very beginning of 2019? You'd be surprised, but quite a few original events prepared for us in January. Are you already in anticipation? Then let's go!

Festival "The best metal girls"

Festival "The best metal girls" in Minsk

When: January 5
Where: Minsk

It turns out that girls like metal hot! The year 2019 begins with an interesting festival of heavy music: no male vocals — exclusively female. The ladies will show that the metal has long since ceased to be the prerogative of men, that they too can be goddesses of guitar riffs and rulers of piercing solo parts on an electric guitar. We meet on January 5 in the "Republic"!

Christmas masquerade in Mir Castle

When: January 12
Where: Mir Castle (the town of Mir, Grodno region)

How to become a beautiful princess or gallant prince? It is possible thanks to the annual festival held in Belarus — the Christmas masquerade ball in the Mir Castle. Live music, sophisticated outfits, masks that erase the boundaries between the estates are here for you! Wanna explore the Mir Castle up and down? Here is a selection of tours to the Mir Castle up to year.

European Figure Skating Championship

European Figure Skating Championship in Minsk

When: January 21-25
Where: Minsk

Tiny silhouettes, sparkling costumes, graceful movements — all this figure skating, the real poetry of the ice dance! The main European championship in this sport in 2019 will be held in Minsk. To cheer for our athletes and look at the skill of visitors from other countries come to Minsk at the end of January — from 21 to 25 numbers. And since there is an opportunity to spend several days in Minsk — read in our article how to do this with maximum benefit.

VETLIVA reminds: Old New Year is a tradition of all post-soviet countries, it’s time for both kiddies and grown up to treak-or-treat in hometowns and countries. Well usually they don’t wear spooky clothes and ask for candies, but it’s more about singing Christmas songs and getting sweets for it. Old New Year is celebrated in January so do not forget to stock up on candies to treat caroling people!

February: fierce, lovely and plastic

What will surprise us in the coldest month of the year? Read below.

Luty Fest 2019

Luty Fest 2019 in Minsk

When: February 9
Where: Minsk

Another gift for lovers of heavier! The rock festival “Luty Fest” gathers the stars of the metal scene of Belarus on the same stage. And also teams from Ukraine and Poland will arrive to sink Belarusian ice. How it will be — we will find out on February 9!

VII Forum of Experimental Plastic Theaters of Belarus “PlaStforma”

VII Forum of Experimental Plastic Theaters of Belarus “PlaStforma”

When: February 11–17
Where: Minsk

What is a PlaStforma? It is an amazing event in the cultural life of our country. Every year it gathers the most talented, creative and avant-garde actors not only from all over Belarus, but also teams from Poland, Norway and the countries closest to us come here. This is just a “must have” for connoisseurs of modern art! And if you are thinking of visiting all the days of the forum catch a selection of great offers for accomodation in Minsk!

Advice from VETLIVA: the most romantic and masculine holidays are celebrated in the coldest month of the year. The speech is about Valentine's Day (February 14) and Defender of the Fatherland Day (February 23). Warm your loved ones with the heat of your love — and February will not seem so "fierce"!

March: unfiltered cinema and window to Japan

Finally, the end of winter comes and spring is here! The festival movement of Belarus prepares a lot of surprises for you — from the film festival to the festival of Asian culture.

Unfiltered cinema festival

Unfiltered cinema festival in Belarus

When: March 15–17
Where: Minsk

Unfiltered cinema” in Belarusian is:

  • an authentic festival of short meters, where absolutely everyone without an exception can take part (with one reservation — the contestants must be citizens of Belarus)

  • three eventful days — competitive views, creative meetings, master classes from famous film makers

  • films that last no more than 35 minutes and were created no later than January 1, 2018, take part in the festival.

A magnificent gift for lovers of art-house and author's cinema!

FreeTime-Fest (festival of Asian culture and cosplay)

FreeTime-Fest in Gomel

When: March 30
Where: Gomel

Cosplay festivals have become popular thanks to Japanese animation, or anime. Peculiar drawing of characters, amazing costumes, intricate plots — these cartoons are watched not only by children, but also by adults all over the world. Gomel festival FreeTime-Fest for the fifth time will bring together fans of cosplay and Asian culture in the city of Sozh. Do not miss this unique event! Especially because VETLIVA has already taken care of accomodation!

A tip from VETLIVA: Do not forget to give a drop of spring heat to your beloved mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters! March can still be called the most "feminine" month: everything around is flourishing, and the whole world is celebrating International Women's Day.

April: White Square and book passion

Well our title is quite unclear. What did we really mean — read below.

White square

White square in Minsk

When: April 17–19
Where: Minsk

Kazimir Malevich had not only black, but also a white square. But we are not talking about a work of art, but about the annual international festival of marketing and advertising. The latest trends of the creative sphere, master classes, seminars, coaching — three days will be bright, fun and saturated!


When: roughly the end of April
Where: Minsk

Did you know that Belarusians are considered one of the most reading nations in the world? Therefore, it is not surprising that the “BiblioNight” got accustomed to ours too! Book insomnia is joined by many organizations and institutions that offer their visitors unusual interactivity and entertainment.

Advice from VETLIVA: if you lack music, come to Gomel. From April 12 to 14, the Renaissance Guitar is held here — spiritual concerts for acoustic guitar lovers.

May: sleepless museums and knights in Golshansky castle

Until the summer only a month, and then you will find out what festivals in Belarus May prepares for you.

Museum Night

Museum Nights around Belarus

When: mid-May
Where: the whole of Belarus

Remember the American comedy "Night at the Museum" and how at night all the exposures came to life? So, he in his own way beats the interactive format of the world action called “The Night of Museums”. Most of the expositions work from dusk to dawn, and in the light of artificial lights sometimes it seems that the exhibits start moving on their own...

Golshansky Castle

Festival of knightly culture in Belarus

When: end of May
Where: the ruins of the Golshansky castle (ag. Golshany, Grodno region)

But Golshansky Castle attracts not only those who are looking for ghosts (by the way, it’s not the only one mystic castle of Belarus so check this out to learn more). It hosts one of the oldest festivals of knightly culture and historical reconstruction in Belarus, which annually gathers thousands of visitors in Golshany.

VETLIVA reminds: at the beginning of the month we pay tribute to the Great Victory. Nobody is forgotten — and nothing is forgotten!

June: European Olympics and jumping over the fire

II European Games 2019 in Minsk

Festival of historical reconstruction "Age of Chivalry"

When: June 1-2
Where: the village of Ozertso near Minsk

Immerse yourself in the era of knightly battles! At the very beginning of summer, the next "Age of Chivalry" will go off in the open-air museum. Tournaments, buhurts, single matches, seasoned with the merry holiday atmosphere — no one will be bored!

Motol regatta

Motol regatta in Belarus

When: June 1-2
Where: Agrotown Motol

The fifth regatta in Motol will be held on the first weekend of summer. Athletes on the double boat will compete with each other and test themselves for strength and agility. The one who reaches the agrotown faster than anyone (the regatta starts in Sporovsky lake) is awaited by the prize! A sports program invites all lovers of active recreation: beach volleyball, futsal, darts, orienteering, figure kayak and bicycle driving.

International motor festival "Hawaisya u Bulbu — 2019"

When: June 7-9
Where: Grodno

Three days of impetuous drive awaits the guests of the annual “Hawaisya u Bulbu — 2019” motorcycle festival. In 2018, people held an arm wrestling championship, went drunken gait, and even danced a striptease! The organizers promise that this year will be even more fiery and funny!

Vulitsa Ezha

Vulitsa Ezha in Minsk

When: June 8-9
Where: Minsk

What is summer associated with? Of course, with a teasing aroma of juicy kebabs and outdoor recreation. And what could be better than a large-scale picnic right in the center of Minsk? Vulitsa Ezha introduces guests to the traditions of street food, which is simply impossible to resist!

II European Games 2019 in Minsk

When: June 21–30
Where: Minsk

June has earned the title of the most sporting month of 2019. Minsk will host the biggest sporting event of recent years — the European Games of 2019. In numbers, these are:

  1. 50 European countries are participating

  2. more than 4,000 athletes

  3. more than 200 sets of awards

  4. 15 sports, according to the results of victories in 10 of which champions will be determined, who are lucky enough to defend the honor of their countries at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

By the way, VETLIVA is the official tourist partner of this event, detailed information about which you will find here.

Interesting fact: recently romantic pagan holidays are actively reviving. In June, you will find:

  1. one of the largest summer open-air festivals "Svyat Sonets", which will be held in a grand manner in Dudutki,
  2. “Kupalska Cola” is held in Minsk.

Great mood, launching wreaths on the water and jumping over the fire are provided to you!

II European Games 2019 in Belarus

IV International Photo Festival in Vitebsk "Photo Krok"

When: June 26-30
Where: Vitebsk

Meet the first photo festival in Belarus! The days of the city of Vitebsk coincide with a unique event: the PhotoKrok festival. Exhibitions of photo artists, master classes, lectures and a portfolio of photographs — you need to see it with your own eyes. And if you plan to go there for a few days and get acquainted with the sights — catch the link to our guide on Vitebsk, which will help you plan your route.

July: Slavonic Bazaar and open-air on the beach

If June is the most sporting, then July is certainly recognized as the most musical month. All the festivals that are held in Belarus at this time are below!

Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk

Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus

When: July 9–17
Where: Vitebsk

What is the "Slavonic Bazaar" in Vitebsk? This is not just a music festival in Belarus, it is a multi-faceted action, which includes events of various levels and trends. It gave life to many winners of competitions and made them real stars. Every year, world-famous stars are lit on the stage of the Summer Amphitheater ... There is no time to explain — you had better personally plunge into the raging life of July Vitebsk and visit the Slavonic Bazaar!

Festival of military-historical reconstruction "Mir-1812"

When: July 13-14
Where: urban settlement Mir

Where should we arrange a large-scale historical reconstruction if not in the majestic Mir Castle? Especially since it was here that the first major cavalry battle of the campaign of 1812 took place on the territory of Belarus. Enjoy a good mood — and go to the Mir Castle with the tour from VETLIVA just on those dates!

U-letny fest

When: July 14-15
Where: the village of Ozertso near Minsk

Oh, the sky! Who does not want to climb high, where people look like little ants? At the U-letny it is possible! And if an airliner is no surprise to anyone, then a balloon flight, a selfie in a hang glider and familiarity with an amazing aeronautic vehicle — an autogyro — leave indelible impressions for a lifetime!

SunDay 2019

SunDay 2019 in Grodno

When: July 20
Where: Grodno

400 rare retro cars and motorcycles from seven countries of the world, more than 100 autoclubs, incendiary open-air until the morning — all this is promised by the organizers of the grandiose SunDay 2019 festival in Grodno. So everyone who is not indifferent to the iron horses and everything connected with them is recommended to be in the city on the Neman on July 20.


Avia Festival of Belarus

When: July 28-29
Where: Borovaya airfield

Another festival of Belarus with an aviation bias, only this time is grander and bigger. Believe me, there will be something to be surprised and admire! Professional pilots will demonstrate tricks on real planes and helicopters, and guests of the event will have the opportunity to take the place of the pilot at the helm. Undoubtedly, one of the best options for hanging out with the whole family.

Big Mini Festival

Big Mini Festival in Grodno

When: July 26-28
Where: Grodno

The next festival of street culture will disappear in Grodno at the end of July. You will again meet with street theaters, living statues, performers and, of course, theaters of fire. Take part in master classes: under the strict guidance of artists, the flame will surely conquer you!

Viva Braslav

Open-air festival Viva Braslav in Belarus

When: July 26–27
Where: Braslav

Another large-scale open-air festival spread out straight to the Braslav Lakes. Two days of drive, loud music and complete separation awaits the guests of Viva Braslav. Do not miss!

Briefly about other events that await us in July:

  • Celebration of the Independence Day of Belarus (July 3)
  • "Alexandria gathers friends",
  • "Our Grunewald" — a festival of historical reconstruction in Dudutki.

August: "Rock for the beavers" and medieval Mstislavl

What August prepares for us — read below.

Knight Fest. Mstislavl-2019

Knight Fest. Mstislavl-2019 in Belarus

When: August 2-3
Where: Mstislavl

At the beginning of August, a popular knightly festival is traditionally held in Mstislavl. It attracts historical clubs from all over Belarus, from Russia and other neighboring countries. Two eventful days include knightly competitions, live performances of musical groups, fire show and even medieval disco!

Art Festival "Sprava-2019"

When: August 2-4
Where: Chereya / Belaya Tserkov (Vitebsk region, Chashniki district)

An amazing tradition has been practiced since 2017 in the village of Belaya Tserkov. The festival brings together architects, historians, artists, artisans, musicians and visitors who gather here for one purpose — to build small architectural objects around Chereya lake. In the start of 2017, the stage was erected, in 2018 an unusual beach was arranged. And what awaits us this year — while the organizers keep intrigue.

"Rock for Bobrov"

When: early August
Where: Borovaya airfield

DDT, “Zveri”, Noize MC, Louna and J:Mors were the headliners of the festival in 2018. What the organizers will cook for the fans of the show in 2019 is still unknown, but they always keep the bar high.

Urban art festival “Vulica Brasil”

When: August 10-11
Where: Minsk

Remember, thanks to which the notorious Oktyabrskaya street gained such popularity? Thanks to the Vulica Brasil festival! In 2019, the legendary event returns to Minsk, which means that we will have even more beautiful street art, performances and movement under the open sky.

Motalsky Prysmakі

Belarusian national cuisine

When: August 10-11
Where: Agrotown Motol

Another opportunity to taste Belarusian national cuisine is to go to Motol. Motalsky Prysmak is a real feast of the abdomen, where no one is left hungry. Anyway, traveling around Belarus, you will not be hungry anywhere else — just see what snacks are waiting for you, if you make a gastrotour around Belarus.

On a visit to Lepel Tsmok

Tsmok in Belarus

When: August 17
Where: Lepel

It is said that Tsmok (as the dragon is called in Belarus) once lived in the waters of Lake Lepel. That is why the main festival events unfold right on its shore. Fair, master classes, performances of local and foreign teams — all this awaits you in the hospitable Lepel.

Battle Machine 6

Stalin line Battle Machine

When: August 24
Where: Stalin Line

A real event for men, an event, exciting blood with adrenaline rush, is waiting for you in the Stalin Line complex at the end of August. The fights are almost without rules (the main thing is not to ram the enemy in the side of the driver’s seat), the screech of metal, the roar of engines — plunge into the atmosphere of pure madness and excitement!


When: August 31-September 1
Where: Polotsk

The summer season ends with a momentous and immediately opens the autumn season a significant event — the festival of medieval culture “Rubon”. Reconstructions of battles, tournaments, baking bread in a clay oven are just a small part of what the organizers of their guests entertained in 2018. And in 2019 they promise even more locations, entertainment and drive — so pack your bags and go!

September: drive near the walls of Lida Castle and tanks in the city

Summer will be left behind, but September is full of events like no other month!

Rakovski Fest

When: September 1
Where: agro town Rakov

The festival program includes an excursion around Rakov, exhibitions and creative fun for children, a quest, the City of Masters fair, a flash mob. Take a good mood with you and go where you have never been before. Despite its modest size, Rakov will definitely surprise you!

Tankman Day

Tankman Day in Minsk

When: early September
Where: Minsk

While the days of the city are celebrated throughout Belarus, a landmark event is held in Minsk under the auspices of — the Day of the Tankman. In numbers this is:

  • over 200,000 guests
  • 55 sites with various interaktivy,
  • 200 computers in the play area,
  • 100 food courts.

And all this died down in September 2018. What the organizers are preparing for the Day of the tanker in 2019 remains a secret behind seven locks, but VETLIVA has no doubt — it will be cool!


When: September 7
Where: Lida

One of the largest music and beer festivals, which annually takes place under the walls of the Lida Castle. His attendance is also striking in scale: in order to listen to the headliner performance — the Leningrad group — 130,000 guests came to Lida! And this is clearly not the lim it.

Advice from VETLIVA: if you still can’t go to Japan, but you really want to — it's high time to visit Higan — the oldest festival of Asian culture and cosplay in Belarus.

UNICON Convention & GameExpo Minsk

Unicon in Belarus

When: September 6-8
Where: Minsk district, ag. Schomyslitsa, 3 km from Minsk Ring Road (“Globus Park” shopping center)

Unicon is the Belarusian equivalent of the famous American festival of fiction and fantasy Comic-Con. Here you can meet Darth Vader (the notorious villain from the Star Wars space saga) and Marvel superheroes, buy a themed souvenir and take a photo with interactive stands, watch eSports events and take part in various competitions.

Mensk Staradytny

Castle event in Minsk

When: September 8-9
Where: Minsk

The annual festival of historical reconstruction takes place in celebration of the day of the city of Minsk. Bugurts, knightly tournaments, improvised castle assault — find out what it is like when a real battle is raging around you!

October: classical music and Celtic harvest

International Festival of Yuri Bashmet in Minsk

International Festival of Yuri Bashmet

When: early October
Where: Minsk

Large-scale music festival, which for many years has been gathering famous stars and beginning artists on the same stage. Some get a chance to once again show their skills, others — loudly declare themselves. "Must have" for lovers of classical music.

Novogrudok — through the centuries

Castle in Novogrudok

When: October 5
Where: Novogrudok

In 2019, the ancient Novogrudok celebrates its anniversary. He is 975 years old! And in this regard, the organizers are preparing a large-scale holiday for residents and guests of the city. By tradition, the most spectacular events will take place at the walls of Novogrudsky Castle — do not miss the re-creation of historical realities in the ancient city!

Samhain in the Botanical Garden

When: end of October
Where: Minsk

The last few years it became fashionable in Belarus to celebrate Halloween. And the organizers of Samhain in the Botanical Garden decided to pay tribute to a more ancient holiday — the Celtic harvest festival. By the way, if we decided to jump over the fire on Midsummer, then the Celts had such a tradition in time for Samaine. It is very symbolic: this day was considered the beginning of the new year. Jumping over the fire, a person was cleared by fire and entered the next year renewed. As the ancient traditions revive in Minsk, you can see for yourself in 2019.

November: Listapad

Last month of autumn has prepared a plentiful program.

Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad"

International Film Festival "Listapad" in Minsk

When: October
Where: Minsk

Perhaps, it could be said without exaggeration that "Listapad" is the largest film festival in Belarus. Within its framework, new films are shown (shot no later than the beginning of the year preceding the festival), with both feature films and documentaries participating. It is visited by more than 20,000 spectators and more than 100 guests from around the world — for good reason the festival is called international.

International Festival "Berezina-2019"

When: November 23-24
Where: Brilevskoe Pole (Minsk region, Borisov)

Would you like to know how the crossing, which became fateful for Napoleon's army, took place? Then go to the end of November in Borisov! Here they promise to recreate historical events to the smallest detail and show how it was. Immerse yourself in a whirlpool of events and feel what it is like to be part of the story.

December: procession of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens, Kalyadny Fest

So we come to a logical conclusion. What has the last month of 2019 prepared for us?

Kalyadny Fest

Kalyadny Fest in Belarus

When: end of December
Where: Minsk

Folklore winter festival in Belarus, which annually pleases fans of folk music. The connection of the past and the present through the revival of ancient traditions is the main goal of the event. If the sounds of the Belarusian bagpipes — Duda — excite you to the depths of your soul, so visit Minsk in December.

Theatrical procession of Grandfathers Frost and Snegurochkas

Procession of Grandfathers Frost and Snegurochkas

When: December
Where: all cities of Belarus and Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Who else will give New Year's mood, if not the main culprits of the holiday? The march of Grandfathers Frost, Snegurochkas and other fairy-tale characters has long become a good tradition in Belarus. Join and you to him! The festive atmosphere is especially strong in the New Year’s place of our country — Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where the official residence of the main wizard is located.

Fun, drive and excitement every month

Festivals that are held in Belarus delight the diversity and unusual. Want to go to rock concerts? Yes, even every month! Crazy about knightly festivals? It remains only to wait for the warm weather — and you can hit the road! However, remember: our digest is for reference only, and due to circumstances beyond our control, the dates/months of holding the events in Belarus may be changed. VETLIVA will try to keep you informed, you just have a little thing to do — like this article and read more =)

Detailed calendar in high resolution check below the link


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