It is not a big country, but still managed to hide many secrets. VETLIVA has prepared the list of mystic castles in Belarus. Check it and be ready for unexpected in your travel plan!


A new article with main information about medical or health tourism not only in Belarus, but around the world. Read why it is trend and has become so popular!


“Time is a friend of a successful business and an enemy of the underdeveloped”, the American entrepreneur Warren Buffett said. And he was absolutely right! Businessmen regularly attend various eve...


You should create your own list of things to do in Minsk, if you decided to visit the capital of Belarus: that is what all the travelers do! No matter what you love: either walking down the streets an...


The experts of the company Procter & Gamblе came to the conclusion that the skin of city dwellers ages faster, than the skin of country inhabitants. But VETLIVA will stop it!


The tourism in Belarus can’t be imagined without “Fantastic Six”. We have gathered the brief information, peculiar facts and main sights of these Belarusian cities.


Summer is coming - the season of vacations, travels and adventures.


Our country has 2 official names — Belarus and the Republic of Belarus (not Belorussia or Byelorussia - we have written about this in our article). Besides it can be called “the country of rivers ...


The second part will tell you about forbidden, restricted and dangerous things to do in Belarus.


VETLIVA.COM has prepared the list of things to do in Belarus and the list of forbidden things here.


A short guide to finding Belarus on world map (and other maps too).


We are starting a marathon #50VETLIVAplaces.


Always thought that vacation in Belarus is boring, "soviet", not fashionable and not exotic? We will change your opinion!


VETLIVA project won the prestigious tourism competition!

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