The Skywatcher in Mogilev

There are plenty of places in the whole world where people come fr om all corners of the planet to think of their dearest dreams. Of course, there are such amazing and magical places in Belarus too. For example, one of the most popular is the Mogilev Skywatcher that appeared in the regional center 10 years ago.

By the way, this monument to the stars and the universe exists in one copy, you can find nothing similar all over the world! This sculpture presents an unusual huge sundial large with a human figure that can predict the future by the stars. This monument has become a true Walk of Fame in Mogilev like that in Hollywood.

Mogilev has a rather high tourist potential, there is much to watch: the ancient Orthodox and Catholic architecture, interesting museums and sightseeing tours will be pleasant for even the most experienced traveler. But the local square of stars is the most popular site not only among tourists but also among the locals. It is here wh ere the names of famous personalities are immortalized on the pavement in the shape of stars.

In the early 2000s, the local authorities decided to diversify the town monuments adding something unique and unusual. They invited the famous and talented Belarusian sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov for this purpose. He is known for his inimitable skill to incarnate a human face in stone and metal. For example, the Girl with the Umbrella, the Station Master, the Lady with the Dog and the Photographer that adorn the capital of Belarus are works of this talented master. The Mogilev Skywatcher became another work of Zhbanov. What was the result?

The Skywatcher is comfortably sitting in the high massive chair pointing with his forefinger at the sky. There is an integral feature of any astrologer near him – a telescope that also serves as an arrow of the sundial. Every night a powerful projector is switched on in the telescope, a light beam is directed upwards. Surprisingly, his power is enough to see a small white dot on the Earth from the space – so Mogilev “shows” itself. There are also 12 chairs near the Skywatcher, each represents a particular zodiacal sign.

Therewith, the local residents attribute a lot of mysteries and superstitious beliefs to the Skywatcher. One of them says that Zhbanov specially consulted with professional astrologers before the creation of the sculptural composition. They advised him to install a sundial at a certain angle. Then all people’s dreams will be fulfilled. However, it is not as simple as that! While making a wish, a person needs to sit on a chair with his zodiacal sign and ask something that is really important and intimate.

There is another interesting belief. In order to collect most of the energy from the space, a person needs to touch the sculpture of the Skywatcher with a finger of the left hand, but better – against his forehead. And as it captures the most powerful energy, the Skywatcher can pass it on to everyone. This energy will help a person not to be afraid of new beginnings and will add him confidence in his abilities.