The Building of the Water Pipe Construction Enterprise in Minsk

The Building of the Water Pipe Construction Enterprise in Minsk


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A huge number of architectural monuments have been preserved in the modern territory of Belarus that have absorbed the largest historical events of the past in their walls and foundations. The country is rich in monuments of nature. For example, the largest Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve and Belovezhskaya Pushcha, that are well-known far abroad, where tourists fr om neighboring countries come all seasons of the year. In addition, there are many beautiful unique places in Belarus, where every time you want to return again and again. There’s nothing surprising that Belarus is considered the center of Europe.

Hero City Minsk, the capital of the country, is one of the most frequently visited Belarusian cities. There are many ancient architectural buildings, as well as many places where Minsk opens its heart and soul and conquers even the most "fastidious" tourists. If you have visited all the main attractions of Minsk, it is highly recommended to visit places wh ere travelers rarely come. The building of water pipe construction enterprise is one of such places, located on 24 Komsomolskaya Street.

Even local people know little about this building, however, it really deserves everyone’s attention. The building itself was erected in the second half of the XIX century. At that time, it belonged to entrepreneur E. B. Weisbrem. In addition to this building, Weisbrem also owned another large property in Minsk. Most of all, he became famous for being at one time a co-owner of the capital bank office "Weisbrem and Polyak", which at that time was the largest in Minsk. This company was headed by his partner - Moses Polyak, who was one of the richest 25 people in Minsk.

It should be noted that Weisbrem himself was not in the Minsk Forbes list for 1913, but this does not mean that Polyak was richer than Weisbrem. Moses was also engaged in timber and bread trade and had two sawmills in Bobruisk district.

Now the building is located on Komsomolskaya Street, which was known as Nizhne-Lyakhovskaya at the beginning of the 20th century. Some time later, Weisbrem lent the building to the entrepreneurs Isakov and Blokh, who created the office of the water pipe construction. At that time, it was a very small enterprise, but subsequently it had grown considerably. Later, Isakov and Blokh purchased a warehouse for the storage of technical equipment next to the building.

The modern building of the former office of water pipe construction in the capital of Belarus was given to the Department of Protection of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Belarus. Today this building, like many other little-known architectural landmarks, is considered an integral part of the city and reflects the history of the development of the capital of Belarus. The building is located near the city center, therefore, it is possible to visit it on your own without a guide.

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