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Museum of fire business

Museum of fire business


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Among all Belarusian cities Minsk is the one that is famous for its unusual museums. One of these is the Museum of fire and rescue business located in an old brick building in the street the City shaft 12 (previously, there was a fire Minsk depot). What was the purpose of museum opening in 2001? The founders of the Museum tell the story of the emergence and development of the fire service, traditions and firefighters-heroes and save the first extinguishing equipment, rare photographs, and archival documents telling about the biggest fires in the history of Belarus. The Museum opened five exhibitions of more than 5000 items to the public. Entering the Museum building you will see the first stand dedicated to pre-Christian times. Did you know that among the Belarusians until the middle Ages it was believed that it's God Perun, sending lightning and causing fires? And if after a fire, someone discovered a stone ax, a wooden arrow, or other dangerous objects, they fastened it over the front of the house. People believed that it would save them from repeating fires.

At the fire Museum you will see the first tools which our ancestors used to defend themselves from the fire. And maybe you should try using a mortar to cause rain. People believed that if put the mortar in the water for a long time – sure the rain will come and save everyone from the inevitable fire.

A separate stand is devoted to fire business times and the Commonwealth. Then people were guarded from fire by saints Nicholas and Florian, whose statues can be found in the Museum emergency cases. In the Middle ages on guard security there were "shouters", residents told about the fire with a lantern and a wooden rattle. The punishment for arson was introduced much later, when there is a squad of fire inspectors. In the Museum you can see the shape of the first firefighters.

Among the most interesting exhibits of the Museum there is the Church icon of the XVIII century under the name of "burning Bush" that was considered the patroness of all firefighters, a bright mural depicting a fire in the medieval Belarus, the first extinguishing appliances, means of protecting horses from heat, major electrical appliances, those things that most often become the causes of fires. You can also see the layout and the plans of the first fire stations and hydrants, the first form of rescue during the great Patriotic war. A separate stand is dedicated to the heroes-participants of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

And do you know why firemen’s pants were white? It turns out, that firefighters were checked for diligence if the pants after the rescue operation were black, then fireman did a great job and those who shirk, immediately calculated the neat uniform.

Here are some interesting facts from the history of the fire service waiting you at the Museum. The exposition will be interesting not only for adults but also for children. Especially those who want to be real firefighters. The creators of the Museum tried to promote the craft among all the inhabitants of the city, laboriously adding new exhibits to the Museum, each of which has the spirit of courage and heroism, courage and fearlessness, and echoes of bygone, sometimes terrible days. Entrance to the Museum is free for everyone.

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