The Building of the Brewery “Bohemia” in Minsk

The Building of the Brewery “Bohemia” in Minsk


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The history of the building in Bogdanovich street, Minsk, started on January 28, 1864. On this day, Rohlya Frumkinova applied to Alexander II. She asked for the Tsar’s permission to build a wooden house, designed for a brewery. Its construction was allowed and the entrepreneur did her business successfully for two decades. After the owner’s death, the factory belonged to merchants Aaron and Nevah Boruhovy-Frumkinovy. 800 thousand litres of beer were produced per year. The factory had its own engine and three dozen people worked there. However, because of debts, new owners had to sell the building.

In August 1893, governor of Minsk Karl Emirikovich Chapsky bought the factory. According to documents, he paid 32 thousand rubles to Aaron and Nehav. The new owner renamed the factory, and it became known as the Steam Brewery “Bohemia” of Count Chapsky. A year later, Chapsky decided to build a new stone building for a factory and use the old wooden building as a cellar. The new building was connected with the old one with the help of a special pipeline, which served for the transportation of brewed wort to ferment in the cellar.

A new steam boiler and engine, as well as modern equipment and electricity, helped achieve a huge progress in beer production at the factory. The All-Russian Industrial and Art Exhibition, which was held in Nizhny Novgorod in 1896, awarded the factory of Count Chapsky with a medal and letter of commendation.

Three years later, the Governor of Minsk had to sell it because of his health condition, and in 1899, "Bohemia" belonged to the Lekert family. It is necessary to note that Franz Lekert already owned breweries in Mogilev and Gomel. After his death, his wife and sons ran the factory. The Lekert family achieved a huge progress in beer production; they supplied their products to Bobruisk, Brest, Grodno and even exported in Lithuania. The former factory of Chapsky belonged to the Lekert family until 1917.

After 1917, the factory was confiscated and belonged to the government and called the brewery “Belarus”. From 1923 to 1925, it was reconstructed and expanded.

During World War II, the factory belonged to the Nazis. «Brauerei Minsk», as it was called by invaders, was intended only for the Nazi soldiers. Historians say that members of the underground group worked at the factory. They organized diversions, distributed anti-fascist leaflets and added poison to beer.

After the war, in 1957, mineral water was produced at the factory. In 1994, it became Olivariya. In 2011, Carlsberg Group became an owner of the control packet of shares.

Nowadays, the front façade of the building is asymmetrical, decorated with pilasters and ledges. Windows are rectangular and there are also lucernes.

The brewery “Olivariya” keeps up old traditions of beer production and has a rich history. It is a good example of high-quality Belarusian products.


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