The Building of the Shoe Factory in Minsk

The Building of the Shoe Factory in Minsk


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The building of the shoe factory in Minsk was built in the XIX century. Initially, the street where the factory stood was called Alexandrovskaya. Today, the building is located in 15 Bogdanovich Street. M. Tsitver was an owner of the shoe factory, who in 1871 opened a shoe-repair shop. The entrepreneur purchased materials fr om local artisans. In 1913, his shop produced many shoes, thus it became a shoe factory. The number of workers increased to 40 people. The owner of the shoe factory bought an engine, which was rather expensive equipment at those times.

However, the prosperity of the shoe factory ended with the creation of the Soviet Union. In 1917, the building was confiscated and Tsitver was exiled to Vorkuta, wh ere he died.

The Jewish name Tsitver has Belarusian roots. It is known that the word "Tsitver" derives from the name of the village Tsitva, which is located in the Pukhovichi district of the Minsk region.

The building of the shoe factory consists of three small houses. Thus, the front facade is divided into three parts, which tightly adjoin one another. Two building are two-storey and the third is three-storey. The second floor of the side buildings features semi-arched windows with simple frames. Some of them are complemented by pediments. The three-storey part of the building has rectangular windows on the first floor. Windows on the second floor feature frames with pediments. There was a wooden gallery on the second floor of the building.

Nowadays, the building of the former shoe factory is located in the territory of the historical and cultural complex Trinity Suburb. It is full of ancient atmosphere and intended to remind us of the events of past years.

Today, a museum of the history of Belarusian literature is located in this building, which was founded in 1987. The museum has more than 50 thousand exhibits, including manuscripts, photographs and personal belongings of Belarusian writers. The first floor of the museum is dedicated to the life and work of Belarusian writers Vasil Bykov and Maxim Tank. The second floor of the building is dedicated to the writers, poetesses and the history of Belarusian lullaby. In addition, the museum conducts active scientific research.

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