The Monastery of the Mariavites in Minsk (Suvorov Military School)

The Monastery of the Mariavites in Minsk (Suvorov Military School)


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The building of the monastery of the Mariavites in Minsk was built in 1811 and is now located in 29 Bogdanovich street. It was built according to the project of architect Michael Chakhovsky. There was a church in the central part of the complex, monastic buildings stood on both sides. Orphans, old and homeless people could find a shelter under its roof. Nuns of the Order of St. Vincent took care of wards and taught in school at the monastery. The following disciplines were taught: arithmetic, languages, and economics.

In 1854, the building was occupied by Orthodox Theological Seminary, founded in Slutsk in 1793. More than two hundred students studied in the seminary. The Seminary shared the building with the eparchial newspaper, publishing in 1869-1920. In addition, there was another religious magazine, which was published only for one year in 1910.

Then the seminary was closed. Since 1921, the building was occupied by infantry school. 3 years later, it became “United Belarusian military school”. Civil war heroes J.F. Fabricius and E.S. Alekhin ruled the school. Such famous people like Marshal of the Soviet Union I.I. Yakubovsky, generals V.P. Margelov, and V.A. Penkovsky finished this school.

Later, the building of the former monastery of the Mariavites was occupied by the newspaper "Krasnoarmeiskaya Pravda". During the war, the building was occupied by the Nazis. The soldiers of Hitler's army organized the newspaper editorial office "Breakthrough".

After the war, in 1952, architect Georgy Zaborsky was given the task to develop the building restoration project. Reconstruction work was completed in 1955. Two floors were added. It became the Suvorov Military School. In 1984, a bust of A.V. Suvorov appeared there.

The symmetrical construction of the four-storey building resembles the letter "E". The main facade has three risalits. Side risalits complete triangular gables with pinnacles and sculptures made by V. Popov. Facades are divided into two parts by a horizontal line. The upper part features double windows and pilasters; its central risalit is decorated with semi-columns. Entablature and low attic complete the building.

The internal layout of the building features corridors with residential rooms and classrooms. In a hall, there is a wide staircase in the center.

In condition, the building has a rich history and original architectural features, which makes it attractive for many tourists, historians and art experts.


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