The building of Vitebsk Jewish hospital

The building of Vitebsk Jewish hospital


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Helping people for centuries

Representatives of different religions have always lived peacefully on the territory of Belarus. Whether Orthodox believers, Jews, Catholics or Muslims, they all lived in towns and villages, received appropriate health care, had access to education. Taking a sightseeing tour to Belarus, you will never hear about inter-religious conflicts on the territory of our country. Belarus is a land where anyone has always found his home.

A preserved building

Even today, if you drive through cities, small towns and villages, you will see buildings, which are carefully guarded and protected by the state. One of such striking examples is an old building of Vitebsk Jewish hospital. An emergency medical aid stationis situated here today. Within its walls, they are still helping people as they did it many years ago.   

You will be able to look around the building outside if you take a sightseeing tour of Vitebsk. The building of Vitebsk Jewish hospital does not stand for special luxury. It is evident that the hospital built in the late 20thcentury was mainly created to help people. Children regardless of their religions were born there, citizens came to hospital with their illnesses and received qualified care.    

A common cause

It is known that Vitebsk Jewish hospital had an X-ray unit in 1910-1912. It means that the level of care patients was very high.  The hospital had also its own infectious diseases department which was located in an old wooden outbuilding. It was mentioned that there had been located an almshouse in the Jewish hospital in ancient times.

Hospital staff worked on the ground floor of the building: there was a pharmacy and outpatients' department. Doctors and nurses lived in the same building but only on the first floor.

According to preserved documentary information, the hospital gave free medicines to all patients without exception. By the way, the hospital always received money from the city's patrons. Everyone wanted to support such a good cause and to give a part for the development of such an important institution. The fact, that the building of the hospital was built at the expense of donations from philanthropists, also speaks volumes. It was a common cause for the whole Vitebsk in those old days.

It is still functioning

Today, the building of Vitebsk Jewish hospital is included by the state in the list of the cultural heritage of Belarus.

You can also become a witness of the fact that the building functions well, having visited one of the excursions to Vitebsk. If you are travelling independently, you should stroll along the streets of Belarusian Northern city. In one of old buildings, you will see the light in the windows at any time of the day. It means that saving people does not stop for a minute, the residents of Vitebsk are provided with medical treatment, as it was long ago. It means that the building of Vitebsk Jewish hospital continues to fulfill its important mission – to help people.       

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