The Building of the Guest House in Gomel

The Building of the Guest House in Gomel


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Gomel is a town of amazing beauty in the Republic of Belarus, and is the administrative center of Gomel district and region, and is considered the fourth most populated town in the country.

 The appearance of the modern town began to be formed in the early XVIII century. The most important architectural ensemble that has exquisitely formed the visual appearance of the center of the town is Lenin Square that was originally called Sobornaya and the Sovetskaya. This square is the beginning of three streets parting ways:  Sovetskaya Street that is still recognized as the main street of the town, Lenin Avenue and Proletarskaya Street (in times past – Feldmarshalskaya). Victory Street, Sovetskaya and Lenin Avenue form a kind of a triangle, at the angles of which there are three squares: Lenin, Privokzalnaya and Vosstaniya Squares.

A lot of heritage of the XVIII-XIX centuries has survived up to now in the town of Gomel.

Walking along Sovetskaya Street, it is impossible not to notice a building of amazing beauty - the building of the guest house that was constructed in 1894, and consisting of three buildings of ordinary housing development. In general, these buildings are examples of the part of an ancient county street.

The three-story building of the guest house stands out for its remarkably luxurious decorative fixtures. At the time this building was in possession of the merchant Leib Mayanets. Before the revolution as well as for quite a long time after it the first floor of this building hosted various shops, pharmacies, notary office, metalwork and other establishments for household purposes. On the opposite side of the building there was an entrance to the second floor that at the time hosted the First Town School. There were organized preparatory courses for teachers.

 It is also worth noting that at the end of 1917 on the second floor of this building there was a school that in 1936 was known as the Stalin school №6, and on the first floor – the shop "Promtovary". After the Second World the first floor hosted the town post office.

Today the guest house of Gomel accommodates the Gomel department of "Belposhta".

As mentioned earlier, the building of the guest house is in one of the most ancient and picturesque streets – in Sovetskaya. We can say that this street runs through the whole town, but its first kilometer deserves special attention. There are pre-revolutionary structures that have survived since the times when Gomel there was a county provincial town.

It should be noted that the building of the guest house in Gomel perfectly fits the extraordinary, historic housing development of Sovetskaya Street. And it also attracts the interest of traveler who has preferred this beautiful town with a long and interesting history of its development.

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