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The building of a Bank in Baranovichi

The building of a Bank in Baranovichi


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The Bank building is a construction of the early 20th century in Baranovichi. It took two years (from 1927 to 1929) to build it. Today the building is an architectural monument protected by the state. The Bank was initially Polish and therefore kept the funds of the Polish Treasury. It was built because inflation was rampant in those difficult economic times... But let’s speak about it a little bit later.

The reasons of the need of construction

Money was overly produced in Poland. And it means that more and more buildings were needed to perform the function of storages every year. The construction of the Bank in Baranovichi was within the framework of a large-scale project to increase Bank employees and to construct similar buildings.

The project of Baranovichi Bank was developed along with other buildings of similar functionality. It was designed by Polish architects and designers. Perhaps that is why looking at the Bank building, you can understand what cultural currents covered Poland, but not Belarus at the time.

The Bank in Baranovichi: from the beginning to the end

It was not the only building of the type that appeared on the territory of Western Belarus at that time. Many Banks were built on that project and had similar appearances. But all buildings of this type have one feature. The consequences of the World War I were a shortage of housing, so provided there were apartments on the upper floors of banks. There lived clerks’ families and employees of the financial structure of the Bank.  

The author of the project of the Bank in Baranovichi was Stanislav Filasevich, the architect who was active in the development of the financial constructions of the 20-ies of the last century. Another architect, Tadeush Rytarovsky, was participating in the development of the bank interior.

The building was built in accordance with the canons of Neoclassicism so popular in the early 20th century. This style differs from others by its monumentality and very emphatic expressiveness.

Originally, the building had two floors: the Bank itself and a financial storage were on the ground floor, and there were apartments for employees on the first floor. The second floor was added later and there was a rearrangement. According to these changes the building was divided into two parts: inhabitable premises and office premises.

There were two flats of three rooms, a separate bathroom and kitchen for the employees in the inhabitable premises. The office premises included the director’s office, the changing room, the entrance hall, the conference hall, the hall to work with visitors, the armored storage, the archive and the dining room for the employees.  

The building of the Bank has preserved in such a condition in Baranovichi till our days. Its appearance was reconstructed several times but changes were unimportant. Over time and under the influence of several partitions of the territory, the World War II and many other national events, the Bank ceased to belong to the Poles. Now it houses the Department of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

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