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The building of the Academy of veterinary medicine in Vitebsk

The building of the Academy of veterinary medicine in Vitebsk


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Where is a monument to a vet?

Belarusian land is famous for numerous attractions! Here are ski resorts, the Minsk Sea, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and here is even Dzerzhinsk Mountain! It is worth noting that almost every building of Belarus has its own history, whether it is a simple dwelling house or an educational building.

If you ask Belarusians, where animal lovers enter to study, you will get the following response: the Academy of veterinary medicine trains veterinarians in Vitebsk. The building of this educational institution hast its own history which is told by guides to tourists who came to visit the Academy.

An excursion into the history

The building was once the Peasant Bank. It was built in 1913. Its doors were open to poor and low-income peasant families wishing to take a loan to buy a land. The architect designing the building was Tarasov at that time. He became the author of many other attractions of Vitebsk.

Of course such a majestic building gave hope to people: peasants were so amazed by unusual forms of the building that they went to the Peasant Bank for a better life. The two-storey building of the Bank was really splendid: guests were welcomed by a huge hall, offices were light and spacious. There were flats of employees of the Bank inside the building. On the facade of the building, there was the coat of arms of Vitebsk in the form of a mosaic.  

Veterinary Institute

The building of the Academy of veterinary medicine was passed from one department to another in the following years. So, a land office was located there at first, but Vitebsk Veterinary Institute was created in 1924. Fortunately, the building was not damaged during the war and the Institute resumed its work after it.

Today the Vitebsk State Academy of veterinary medicine is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Belarus. Not only future veterinarians and zoo engineers attend lectures here, but tours for visitors are conducted as well.

The Academy has a lot to be proud of. Of course, first of all, it can be proud of its graduates, but also of the fact that the rule of humane medical treatment of animals was established for the first time in the Academy on the territory of Belarus. It is a very significant fact, which allows us to consider future professionals as humane people.

A new attraction

A real attraction appeared in 2011 on the territory of the Academy of veterinary medicine. A monument to a vet was established here. It is the only bronze sculpture in Belarus in which a veterinarian is immortalized. He is surrounded by animals: dogs and a calf. A parrot sits on a hand of the vet. If you come to look at the building of the Academy of veterinary medicine in Vitebsk, this attraction is obligatory to be visited.  Both adults and children will remember the tour to Vitebsk. 

Source: http://vitebskcity.by/

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, Vitebsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 261 km
, Vitebsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 15 km

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