The Building of the Gmina Administration in Loyki

Loyki is a village in the Grodno region. Loyki and 48 settlements belong to the Sopotskinsky village council. Loyki is 17.5 km from Grodno - it will take 40 minutes if you travel by car.

Historical References

For a long time, the Grodno region was part of Poland. It influenced its development. Its territories belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XIII century. Later the Grodno region was part of the Rzech Pospolita for four centuries. In 1921, according to the Treaty of Riga, these lands belonged to Poland. During this period, many buildings were built in the Grodno region. Nowadays, they are considered monuments of architecture.


3249 inhabitants live in villages and settlements that are part of the Sopotskinsky village council. In 2010, Loyki was granted the status of an agro-town.


The building of the gmina administration is the main attraction of the village Loyki. The brick building was built in 1932 and belongs to the Polish Art Nouveau style. According to some sources, the construction of the building took place 10 years earlier. An inexperienced visitor may confuse the ancient yellow brick palace with an estate but the building has never performed this function.

The gmina is the smallest administrative unit in Poland. It can be urban, urban-rural and rural. Its functions are to ensure safety, organize public services, build roads.

Elements of Polish Art Nouveau can be traced in the building of gmina administration. Its roof has a high slope. The building features high arched windows. There is a central entrance in the middle of the main facade. On the second floor, there is a balcony with symmetrically standing columns.

The building of the gmina administration is isolated and hides among old lime trees.

During the Great Patriotic War, Nazi German soldiers organized the commandant's office in the building of the gmina administration. After the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, the old building was occupied by an educational institution. Later, the former building of the gmina administration belonged to dispensary and pharmacy.

The authority of the Grodno region planned to equip this monument of architecture into a hotel. But it didn’t happen. Nowadays, this building is becoming dilapidated, but still, waiting for the beginning of a new life.