Buildings on the Market Square in Novogrudok

Buildings on the Market Square in Novogrudok


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Novogrudok is a town in the Grodno region. It is 153 km fr om Grodno. The first mention of Novogrudok dates back to 1044. The formation and development of the town are linked with its strategic location and important role in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The Market Square is located in the heart of the town, wh ere the roads from Minsk, Grodno, and Vilnius meet. In addition, eight streets of Novogrudok also lead to the main square. The main buildings, located on the square, are the former houses of artisans, as well as houses, which belonged to the Israelite brothers. Nowadays, these buildings are occupied by stores and cafes. One of them is the House of Culture of Novogrudok. These former dwelling houses with similar buildings in the streets adjacent to the square are historically and culturally valuable.

Rows of shopping stalls are another monument of architecture on the market square. Initially, they were made of wood, later they were stone. Stalls were placed between columns and in two rows. These were the last structures appeared on the market square in the XIX century. They belong to the classic style.

There are also interesting sights near the market. The St Boris and Gleb Church was built on the foundation of an ancient church and belonged to the Uniates. When the building belonged to the Orthodox Church in 1839, it was decided to rebuild the church. So, the church had elements of the pseudo-Russian style; the construction lasted two years, from 1873 to 1875. The St. Nicholas Cathedral is another building of the market square in Novogrudok. It was built in 1780 and belonged to the Catholic church. Almost a century later, the church belonged to Orthodox believers. Valuable icons and magnificent iconostasis are a distinctive feature of the church. The Dominican church of St. Michael the Archangel belongs to the buildings of the XVIII century, which was built to replace a wooden building in 1724. The building suffered from the fire twice. In the 30-ies of the XIX century, a bell tower was erected but it was not preserved. In 1948, the church was closed and used as a warehouse. When it was restored in 1992, it was decided to re-consecrate it.

The house museum of Adam Mitskevich is another building of the market square. Annually, more than 20000 tourists visit this sight.

There is another important historical monument - burials in Mindaugas’ time. It is called "Mindaugas’ Hill."

The market square is a must-see place that included in all tours dedicated to this town.

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