The Site of Ancient Castle in Molodechno

The Site of Ancient Castle in Molodechno


Archaeological objects

Not all of Belarusian sites of interest were saved or reconstructed. Sometimes it’s more important to save original items of ancient events than to erect something new. The site of ancient castle in Molodechno approved it as it still draws attention. It tells us about the events that took place here and influenced our country.


The site is an illustration of Molodechno castle that was situated here in previous centuries. It was built in the 16th century and in 1519 it proved its power in the fight between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Muscovy. At that time, the castle had been already ruined a lot and hadn’t been restored.

Later on in 1617, Lev Sapega became the owner of it and being the chancellor of the Grand Duchy made some changes and arranged everything. After that the castle had a lot of owners: Zaslavsky, Sangushek, Radzivil, Ragoz, Tyshkevich, Mstyslavsky and Oginsky.

Oginsky was a special owner. The daughter of Mihail Kotel, Rosalia Oginskaya made fr om a former fortification building a place for events of haute monde. The halls as well as outside design were changed. There was a library, art gallery, and an important attribute of that time for rich people – a park and a greenhouse. So the castle became a residence.

During the war with Napoleon, the great commander itself visited the castle wh ere earlier Kutusov’s army came. It contributed a lot to the historical chronicle of the place and increased its damage. Final deconstruction was in 1880 and after that you could see what you can see now at the excursion to that historical monument. But every element of the complex has a part of true and not invented story.


The modern Molodechno castle is earthworks and parts of the base at the territory of 120 by 80 meters. But it doesn’t decrease its historical value. There a lot excursion tours to the place. There is also a route “Active leisure in Belarus”.

If you are a fan of historical sites and prefer original sources rather than traditional museums you should visit this unique and distinctive place.

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